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An amazing selection of finishes to enhance every ambiance.
From the company’s constant research, a palette consisting of 19 wooden essences, 29 glossy and matt lacquers, 29 coloured back-painted glasses,  6 finishes for the interiors of the wardrobes, 2 high-resistant lacquers with the addition of glasses, metal finishes, solid woods and technological materials such as Corian®, Dulver® and Pral® to choose from according to one’s own tastes, to create impeccable objects and pieces of furniture with an ever-changing flavour, mirroring one’s own personality.


Warmth, materiality, tradition, experimentation, research, personalization: for Porro, wood is a natural attitude, a long-standing passion, a chosen affinity.
In the design industry Porro‘s brand is characterized by an intrinsic ability to select, work and interpret wood, offering a unique selection of essences:  an incredible range of 19 solutions in which anyone can find his preferred wood type and use it at will in systems and parts of the collection.
From the evergreen woods that characterize the environments of the Porro brand and which unleash its DNA, to the heritage selection, a tribute to the woods of tradition to be defended and renewed, up to the most fashionable woods with special technical and aesthetic properties and rich colorations: for those seeking alternative routes, unlocking the traditional woods and playing with chromatic contrasts and gambles.
Essences: cherry, cherry white, heat treated oak, oak, barrique oak, pale moon, canaletto walnut, domestic walnut, mongoi, natural hemlock, black stained hemlock, black stained ash, ash, eucalytpus, heat treated elm,  santos rosewood, teak, black river and white oak.

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Resulting from the latest technologies, the Porro colour palette offers 26 glossy and matt lacquers: neutral tones of colour gently fitting all environments beside vibrant colours, enlivening the clean geometric outline of the brand with colours, offering new horizons to interior design.
Colors: bianco moon, bianco gesso, grigio perla, ardesia, nero, panna, grigio seta, cemento, grigio londra, avorio, sabbia, tortora, cioccolato, arancio fiamma, arancio zucca, amaranto, rosso fire, rosso cina, giallo zolfo, giallo mustard, verde spring, verde muschio, azzurro cielo, carta da zucchero, blu reale, denim.

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The material research and attention to the detail, typical of the Porro brand, are also expressed by the selection of finishes for cabinet interiors. Nothing is left to chance: the offer of surfaces combines functionality, resistance and high aesthetic values, appealing colors ranging from neutral textures to the richness of wood shades, to satisfy all tastes and styles. Versatile solutions of great originality, for precious and sophisticated interiors, which enhance the product and allow maximum personalization.

A feeling of lightness invests the Porro spaces: Ciliegio white is the new light melamine finish that reproduces the grain of cherrywood but softens its rosy colour with more neutral and universal tones. Sober, neutral, airy spaces, for soft atmospheres with the typical quality of Porro materials.

A matte black-ink surface with marked veins: inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Sou Sugi Ban, which protected the cedar wood by burning it with coal, Black Sugi is a dark and enveloping finish, extremely sophisticated, at the same time ancient and modern.

Eucalyptus melamine extends the internal finishes of the wardrobes with its brown-grained tint. The veins and the contrast between light and dark shades creates an extraordinary play of contrasts that give soul to this material. It's extremely elegant and sophisticated tone is a passpartout, perfectly combinable with all wood and colours of our collection.

The “cenere” hemlock finish makes the interiors far more refined. The wood, on the grey tones, is suitable to many different environments. Such a consistent finish provides for a pleasant touch feeling, making the product far more rich and concrete.

When you open a wardrobe with its mongoi interior, it is as if you open an old trunk with its stories and memories or suggestions. The warm brown shades and dark veneers make the wardrobe finish standing out for its decided and exotic taste. Mongoi is a warm and precious word, ideal to make the ambience welcoming and refined as well.

HDS candour transfers to any Storage wardrobe or walk-in closet a real perception of lightness and formal cleaning. Interiors become lighter and the unique HDS surface, velvet-like and resistant, is extremely practical, as it can be fitted in any ambience and taking its cleaned simplicity into account as well.

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Metal finishes contribute to creating the powerful and sculpture-like appearance of Porro’s furniture items. From the high resistant wax-finished steel of Load-It bookcase, to the Iron effect for the crystal door profiles of Ex-Libris and of the wardrobes, especially designed for Porro, to classics like black and white-varnished metal, effective and sensual to the touch, up to the latest, emotionally powerful novelty, burnished brass, with its with burnished veins which enrich and partly conceal a precious base in brass tones.
Without failing to mention the varnished metal parts in colour, that provide visual uniformity to the interiors of wardrobes.

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162 fabrics, 32 leathers, 8 eco-leathers and 10 saddle leather: Porro offers more than 200 coverings to adjust Porro’s soft products to each peculiar style.
Colours are accurately chosen and available in a chromatic scale ranging from white, beige, brown and grey and bursting into green, blue, purple, red and orange shades,  and so are materials, ranging from pure wool to linen and to cotton.

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Other materials

All based on firm principles of design and function, the ranges feature different, quality finishes, combinations of materials and colours, so each product may be a reflection of the person who chose it. Natural, simple materials used together with high-tech ones: yet another example of the fusion of tradition and innovation.

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