The material research and attention to the detail, typical of the Porro brand, are also expressed by the selection of finishes for cabinet interiors. Nothing is left to chance: the offer of surfaces combines functionality, resistance and high aesthetic values, appealing colors ranging from neutral textures to the richness of wood shades, to satisfy all tastes and styles. Versatile solutions of great originality, for precious and sophisticated interiors, which enhance the product and allow maximum personalization.

A feeling of lightness invests the Porro spaces: Ciliegio white is the new light melamine finish that reproduces the grain of cherrywood but softens its rosy colour with more neutral and universal tones. Sober, neutral, airy spaces, for soft atmospheres with the typical quality of Porro materials.

A matte black-ink surface with marked veins: inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Sou Sugi Ban, which protected the cedar wood by burning it with coal, Black Sugi is a dark and enveloping finish, extremely sophisticated, at the same time ancient and modern.

Eucalyptus melamine extends the internal finishes of the wardrobes with its brown-grained tint. The veins and the contrast between light and dark shades creates an extraordinary play of contrasts that give soul to this material. It's extremely elegant and sophisticated tone is a passpartout, perfectly combinable with all wood and colours of our collection.

The “cenere” hemlock finish makes the interiors far more refined. The wood, on the grey tones, is suitable to many different environments. Such a consistent finish provides for a pleasant touch feeling, making the product far more rich and concrete.

When you open a wardrobe with its mongoi interior, it is as if you open an old trunk with its stories and memories or suggestions. The warm brown shades and dark veneers make the wardrobe finish standing out for its decided and exotic taste. Mongoi is a warm and precious word, ideal to make the ambience welcoming and refined as well.

HDS candour transfers to any Storage wardrobe or walk-in closet a real perception of lightness and formal cleaning. Interiors become lighter and the unique HDS surface, velvet-like and resistant, is extremely practical, as it can be fitted in any ambience and taking its cleaned simplicity into account as well.