Warmth, materiality, tradition, experimentation, research, personalization: for Porro, wood is a natural attitude, a long-standing passion, a chosen affinity.
In the design industry Porro‘s brand is characterized by an intrinsic ability to select, work and interpret wood, offering a unique selection of essences:  an incredible range of 19 solutions in which anyone can find his preferred wood type and use it at will in systems and parts of the collection.
From the evergreen woods that characterize the environments of the Porro brand and which unleash its DNA, to the heritage selection, a tribute to the woods of tradition to be defended and renewed, up to the most fashionable woods with special technical and aesthetic properties and rich colorations: for those seeking alternative routes, unlocking the traditional woods and playing with chromatic contrasts and gambles.
Essences: cherry, cherry white, heat treated oak, oak, barrique oak, pale moon, canaletto walnut, domestic walnut, mongoi, natural hemlock, black stained hemlock, black stained ash, ash, eucalytpus, heat treated elm,  santos rosewood, teak, black river and white oak.

19 Wood