News February 2021
New interactive catalogue Re/Titled One
Dear Customers,

we are proud to present you the new interactive catalogue Re/Titled One: an innovative and dynamic tool that presents Porro’s vision of the home in 2021 in an even more comprehensive way compared to the past, boasting real digital interaction.
As the result of a long investigation and research process to match the inclusion of special contents with the visual cleanliness, simplicity and straightforwardness that have always characterized our language, the new interactive catalogue offers a unique experience to the readers thanks to various creative techniques, that enhance the description of the new settings developed by the brand and confirm Porro’s propensity to explore new grounds, even at a time of radical change.
As it is the case in the traditional catalogue, the page remains visually clean, so that you can quickly go through and see the interior, but while scrolling with the mouse you can link additional contents in different categories: video clips of the product, still life images, moodboards of the space and all the finishes available for each item.
With an index that allows you to reach the desired product with a click and the option to download the traditional pdf catalogue as well as all the product sheets, the new interactive catalogue conveniently contains in a single element all the special contents developed for product communication that you may need in your daily work, also making it easier to explain the latest innovations to the end customer:
  • The cabinet system Modern creates entire equipped walls that perfectly blend with architecture and are conceived for storage but, when required, they can open up to reveal secret niches;
  • Storage, the system of wardrobes and dressing rooms, has been upgraded this year with a new impalpable material, light, and the new slim 25x25mm profile, which provides for more interior space and allows to mix and match the different types;
  • System, with its bookshelves and equipped walls, takes on a new look in terms of materials and craftsmanship thanks to the woven straw inserted in the back panel of Vano Grande Luce;
  • The design of the new Glide sliding doors, large bespoke wings characterised by an L-shaped profile in black, white or cuvée painted metal, that frames other materials;
  • The new Romby armchair by GamFratesi, with its geometric allure and retro design.
  • A contemporary classic in Porro’s catalogue, the Materic table designed by Piero Lissoni in 2017, is updated with a new free interpretation of its key concept, the combination between 2 geometric shapes in different materials;
  • The new Curry sofa with reduced depth, resulting from the transformation of the Curry daybed presented with Piero Lissoni in 2018
  • The Pascal table by Piero Lissoni with its new marble top adapts its look to cater to the personal taste of those who choose it for their home, restaurant or office;
  • The Byron textile bed by Piero Lissoni with its intimate and compact shape, made up of an upholstered bedframe, soft headboard cushions and a woven straw screen that seems to embrace the space and protect sleep.

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