Salone del Mobile 2012 - Showroom Porroduriniquindici


The Porro house in Via During is a city apartment, in natural colours, with only a few spots of intense colours, with wider spaces – a living room, a dining room, a bedroom and an office on two floors connected by an interior stair, openly communicating between inside and outside, facing the road through big windows.

In the office, screened by a System bookcase with the new drawers-trays, the material Minimo table stands out surrounded by the new Gentle chairs whose aesthetics and functionality are deeply recalled by the new Tiller sideboard and the new Modern TV composition.
The self-standard walk-in closed Storage Air screens the bedroom: the Shin bed is matched with the Offshore and Truck bedside table, the inlaid Inlay chest of drawers and the new Chameleon, while on the wall a Load-it bookcase, the Modern suspended shelf and the Conch chair with an office unit, furnishing and elegant home office, where to read or work in peace. A small relaxing corner where to regenerate, furnished with the Jade armchair and the Reflection mirror, while laterally the Storage wardrobe closed with pull-out sliding doors hides clothes and linen in a precious box.

Climbing the stairs, enriched with a Load-It composition, a real dining room furnished with the Metallico table, the new chairs and armchairs Neve, upholstered in black and the new Tiller sideboards in Eucalypt wood by Piero Lissoni. The Ex-Libris opens on a living room furnished with the new settee by Living Divani, 3 small Ghiaccio armchairs, 4 Modern low bench units and 2 square Showcase Table small tables, while on the back wall a Modern composition stands out, with a matt moon white back panel and volumes turned into an alluring updated wall paneling.

In the corridor the vertical Sidewall bookcases, the Mirror table mirror, the Web desktop, the Soft Chair armchair and the open Modern suspended units, while in the round room, the Beam Glass table, 1500 mm diameter, is surrounded by Neve chairs and armchairs in natural ash and the Inlay sideboard with internal drawers.
Finally the outfit is enriched by the wardrobes, turned into a projection space where 4 cyclic animations are projected in loop, to prove how Porro proposal is varied. On the one side concrete real ambiences and on the other abstract concepts turned into pure design and story-telling, matching reality and imagination as well.