September 28 - October 10, 2020
Monday-Sunday h. 10.00 am - 7.00 pm
28/29 September: Press Preview. By Appointment.

The Porro 2020 collection makes its debut in the Duriniquindici showroo and the brand is back to fascinate with its special vision of the world: an architectural viewpoint in the design of space and an ideal of beauty made up of pure forms, extremely precise workmanship and research into materials and technologies with a limited footprint on our planet, knowing that aesthetics is nothing if not based on extraordinary quality.

From the new straws included in the sample collection, ranging from very natural solutions with traditional weaves to more graphic and decorative effects, to textured paints in collaboration with Rice House obtained using the waste from rice cultivation, they are free of formaldehyde and can absorb CO2, thus contributing to the purification of the air, as well as the clothes for the wardrobes made by the Alice cooperative, which runs tailoring workshops inside the San Vittore prison in Milan with the aim of re-integrating women in need. Porro presents a visual and tactile collection, where the purity of design meets the continuous research on materials and a unique craftsmanship that skilfully complements high-tech industrial manufacturing. If the furniture industry is required to undergo a radical transformation in the next few years, adapting its creativity to the changing world, Porro already feels a strong push to innovate its development model and to experiment, as shown by this new project, in which every detail unleashes a love for things done well and the will to improve, in small but determined steps, and with a firm delicate approach, the world around us.

Preview News 2020. System bookcase with straw back. New Materic table with stainless steel base and black stained ash top, design Piero Lissoni. New Romby padded chair with conical base in natural or black stained ash, design GamFratesi.

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"Systems as true living space architectures". With Maria and Lorenzo Porro (head of marketing and communication and president Porro S.p.A) and Piero Lissoni (art director). Moderated by: Livia Peraldo Matton (editor in chief of Elle Decor Italia).

"A possible future: social and environmental sustainability in design". With Maria Porro (head of marketing and communication Porro S.p.A.), Caterina Micolano (president Cooperativa Sociale Alice) and Tiziana Monterisi (founder Rice House). Moderated by: Livia Peraldo Matton (editor in chief of Elle Decor Italia).