Delicate Stories - Christmas Porro


During the entire Christmas period on the two-storey Porro showroom in via Durini 15 in Milan it will be possible to discover books and projects by Corraini Edizioni, a publishing research and testing company, mainly addressed to image, art, illustration and design sectors: a wide selection of books will be available on the different tables or stored in the bookcase units of a furnishing brand well-known all over the world for its essential lines and top quality proposals.
The book selection varies from the famous proposals by Bruno Munari, who, in its books, books-objects and games-to.think paid a consistent attention to the world of children with no separation from content and shapes and materials to games to be put together by Enzo Mari, up to the recent food design literature by Martí Guixé, up to Christmas wishing cards designed by well-known illustrators or young promising designers.

Delicate stories, to be read, touched or reinvented as the proposals by Porro and Corraini Edizioni, sharing a similar story – in tiptoe – within the world of design, the same curiosity, invention capacity, attention and love for design and co-operation with a design master such as Bruno Munari. And in fact he designed the present brand used by Corraini, following his graphic change on a previous design by the Roman artist Giosetta Fioroni, as well as Porro logo, designed in 1966 changing the two “o” letters in two screws thus recalling in the symbol of a company consecrated to processing wood its more representing working tools. What is more, if Bruno Munari personally supported the art gallery and publishing company Corraini directly for more than twenty years, for Porro he designed the trolley Cubovo in the seventies, which the company re-edited in 2008.

Similarities then shared by Porro and Corraini, loving to make, shape and change new shapes and "crossover" objects, to be read at different levels, without leaving simplicity apart: and then the idea that a furnishing company hosts the editing company for Christmas, matching clean and minimal design of its Milan showroom with the light Corraini images and illustrations.

Porro duriniquindici, Via Durini 15 Milano, Tel. +39 02 76394408,
Opening times Monday 3.00 p.m. – 7.00. p.m. From Tuesday to Saturday, from 10.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.