Preview Salone del Mobile 2022


HALL 7 / STAND D15-21; E14-18

“Human way of living is dwelling”.
M. Heidegger

At the next Salone del Mobile 2022, Porro further pursues its reflection on the theme of the home, being aware that a person’s life experience is profoundly contaminated by the place in which he or she lives. Unperturbed white walls define the domestic architecture, which is each time different, each time unique: an intimate microcosm hidden to the most, where you can build your own universe and cultivate your dreams.
The home as a large meeting place for the family, as a place to relax, as a laboratory for experimentation and creativity and as a place where you can reflect and think, closed in on your own but at the same time connected with the world.
Home in itself and home in absolute terms: planet earth. The places in which we live every day weave relationships with the surrounding landscape, unfolding symbolic and emotional meanings.
As the tailor fits a tailored suit to the body’s silhouette, gliding along its contours, embracing its imperfections, making its essence tangible, Porro enters homes with grace and respect, composing architectural systems and furnishings, balancing textures, materials and shapes, blending elements into a visual unicum, where simplicity and naturalness are never the starting point, but rather the point of arrival.

Materic, oval version, design Piero Lissoni 2022
Porro's continuous research on materials, manufactures and shapes that give emotions once again focuses on Materic, the table project conceived in 2017 by Piero Lissoni with the idea of experimenting the versatility of the material in elementary geometries.
Part of the 2022 collections the version of Materic with a new oval top and truncated cone base, both in natural sandblasted ash, extra-clear finish with a Nordic inspiration. A silent object in the name of visual harmony, poetically minimal, which vibrates in space, enchanting with the delicate shades of nature.

Boutique Mast, design Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro
Purity, transparency and endless customisation possibility. Porro’s systems define with lightness the space architecture, reflecting the desires of the people who live in. Bounded by glass surfaces, the Boutique Mast dressing rooms, designed by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro, are an elegant graphic cage featuring thin round metal uprights in Iron finish with cantilevered white cherry shelves. Placed on the sides, they leave the stage to the Acquario storage unit, designed by Piero Lissoni, featuring a cuvée frame with glass shelves, base and drawers in white cherry, that overlooks the landscape. Both are made with the new cutting-edge machine that processes panels just-in-time, thus eliminating stocks for the sake of utmost customisation, quality and a low footprint on the surrounding environment.