Porro Duriniquindici, via Durini 15, Milano

Abstraction and concreteness, technology and handmade, durability and sustainable footprint: Porro renews the environments of its Milanese home, the Duriniquindici showroom, staging its vision of living in a fluid and uninterrupted path, inhabited by the latest news and the most representative pieces of its collection.
The two floors of the showroom offer the opportunity to experience in articulated spaces the versatility of Porro's architectural systems, freed from the constraint of modularity, thanks to the new production plant that since 2018 has replaced the processing of standard panels with that of just-in-time cut panels based on the customer's order, eliminating the warehouse of semi-finished products and reducing waste with a view to sustainability.
From the office to the sleeping area, from the living to the dining room, the brand moves with the freedom of a craftsman and the elegant precision of a tailor, outlining the new 2021 scenarios: the main protagonist is Storage, the complete and versatile closet system designed back in 2000 and the subject of an important aesthetic and functional evolution, which acts in combination with the Modern system of containers for the living area, the System system of bookcases and equipped units, the Boutique Mast system characterised by nautical lightness and the new Glide sliding doors, which screen and connect the various functions, thus turning from separation to open view in an instant.

At the entrance, visitors are welcomed by the System bookcase and equipped wall system, designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre, that changes its look through a new material and handcrafted design, i.e. the woven straw inserted on the back of the “Grande Luce” module with an incredible 3m length.

In the retro-styled office space, the Pascal table by Piero Lissoni shows its luxurious soul with its new matt Calacatta oro marble top contrasting with the industrial wing structure in die-cast aluminium, in a perfect match with the Romby padded chairs by GamFratesi. The truncated cone base in natural solid ash wood, whose flared shape is obtained through slices made with great cabinet-making skills, is connected to a soft and compact padded swivel seat covered in fabric or leather.
Glide sliding doors in an iridescent metallic fabric with a subtle champagne-colored weave, perfectly matching the cuvée frame, lead to the to the real core of the home, the Storage dressing room designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre, featuring fully transparent, open or closed spaces with glass doors alongside the transparent corner solution.

A textile bed with an intimate and compact shape, the new Byron bed by Piero Lissoni consists of 3 elements: the padded bed frame slightly raised from the floor, the soft headboard cushions where you can linger reading before falling asleep, and the screen at the bottom of the bed that seems to embrace the space and protect the rest.
A classic Porro item like the Load-It bookcase designed by Wolfgang Tolk in 1995 creates a material picture on the wall, thanks to the steel shelves and the black stained canneté wall panels featuring a succession of horizontal and vertical stripes. An ingenious project, which is completed by lighting: a new swivelling spotlight specifically designed for Load-It, a real light so meticulously detailed that it evokes the world of fine watchmaking.

Halfway between a walk-in closet and an open wardrobe, characterized by modular wall panels on which to hang the various equipment, Storage Boiserie designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre in black sugi, a matt black-ink surface finish with marked grains, inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Shou Sougi Ban, is new in its design thanks to the combination with the new Glide doors in glass.

Downstairs, the corridor is entirely dedicated to the Load-It bookcase with a mirror in the middle and wall panels in steel, not treated with paint but protected with beeswax. It is presented in the versions with and without shelves or completed by the Modern suspended top in santos rosewood.
The right side is completely covered by the Wood Cover paneling in black stained hemlock: this continuous high emotional covering connects together 2 Storage cabinets, built in a niche, showing the ability achieved by the brand in creating customized solutions combining industrial expertise and craftmanship.

In the large living area a large Modern hanging composition designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre captures the eye with the visual effect of an entirely closed and tightly-packed wall, reminiscent of the traditional Japanese home, this very large storage area is enlivened by the nice graphic interplay of the doors made of heat-treated oak, a strongly textured wood type in contrast with the soft sage green colour chosen for the interiors of the glass cabinets – with a metal frame painted in the same colour – which emerge as contemplative voids in the composition. In the centre, perfectly hidden, the TV compartment pops up only in moments of leisure, thanks to the new large vertical sliding door in black canneté.

In the dining room, the Materic table by Piero Lissoni changes its look thanks to an upside-down assembly, where the black-stained ash typically used for the base is now used for the top – a dark textured surface interrupted only by the flush tray in the middle. The conical base is skilfully made of stainless steel, resulting in an extraordinary visual impact in-between glamour, industrial and futurist look.

A Modern floor-to-ceiling composition in black-stained hemlock designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre plays with the emptying of its central part featuring a Calacatta oro marble shelf, that separates the lower area with suspended drawers and marble top from the black-stained canneté hanging units above.