New Storage wardrobe solution


A complete program designed under the banner of rationality and functionality, Storage is Porro’s exclusive modular system that contains and shows the stored objects, transforming itself from wardrobe to walk-in closet.
It can obliterate its presence in small rooms and, at the same time, it is ideal for defining large spaces, creating some original living scenarios.
Porro’s bespoke expertise is expressed not only in the accuracy of door and interior finishes, but also in bold and innovative design solutions as well as in the functional organization and optimization of the interior space, so that the stored objects – one’s favourite shirts, clothes and accessories – are not only protected and in perfect order, but also displayed and enhanced, with such an obsessive care also for hidden details that makes Porro’s wardrobe look different from all the others, a world apart.

Storage Dressing Room – ciliegio white
As the real heart of the house, the spacious Storage Dressing Room mixes and matches completely transparent spaces, open or closed by glass doors, with units closed by ciliegio white back panels, a melamine finish that reproduces the grain of cherrywood but softens its rosy colour with more neutral and universal tones.
The structure and the metal parts feature the cuvée finish, a refined and precious colour that contributes to making the composition look lighter.

Storage Dressing Room – transparent corner
As the expression of maximum experimentation, the large clear glass corner with a metallic frame in cuvee finish can be designed with a glass back panel or with internal glass side panels and the back panel in ciliegio white melamine finish.

Storage Boiserie
Large Shift sliding doors enclose the Storage Boiserie, a fully customizable space solution composed of modular wall panels that can be equipped with the utmost freedom. The built-in light that enhances the transparency of the shelves and embellishes the drawers with glass tops, and the big shelf that goes from one wall to the other - thus creating a continuous top with great architectural impact, highlight the care for every single detail.
Storage Boiserie features back panels with écru linen upholstery, that create a neutral backdrop for the eucalyptus equipment: from the drawers featuring a continuous glass top, to slanted shoe racks, a free-standing drawer unit as well as lighted shelves and the big wooden shelf.

Hinged Storage - Carta da zucchero
A seasonal Storage Battente wardrobe, with glossy lacquered carta da zucchero doors and Block metal handle painted in light blue to match the doors.
A glass unit with eucalyptus interiors and lighted shelves and the new open metal box Bento create 2 signs,
a horizontal and a vertical one, which interrupt the continuity of the coloured surface. The metal niche is equipped with an embedded led light: a hidden source providing a nice light perception to enhance the objects inside.

Hinged Storage - Oslo handle
The Storage Battente wardrobe with 32s doors in heat-treated oak features the Oslo handle, entirely made of wood with an accurate cabinet workmanship that provides for a very neat look. Among its modules is a vanity niche upholstered with an écru fabric, to be used for personal care, with Load-it shelves in burnished brass, a mirror wall panel and a Modern suspended wooden top.