New Hide Hid Hidden catalogue


In the new Hide Hid Hidden catalog, available in A4 and A5 format, Porro continues his reflection on the theme of the house: an intimate microcosm hidden to the most, where you can build your own universe and cultivate your dreams. A story where thoughts, real ambiances and the poetic drawings of the Japanese illustrator Jon Yoko follow one another lightly, moving among the areas Living & Dining, Home / Office, Night. As the tailor fits a tailored suit to the body’s silhouette, gliding along its contours, embracing its imperfections, making its essence tangible, Porro enters homes with grace and respect, composing architectural systems and furnishings, balancing textures, materials and shapes, blending elements into a visual unicum, where simplicity and naturalness are never the starting point, but rather the point of arrival.