Modern 2017


The grid of the Porro’s space, the 4 company’s systems - refined each year in close collaboration with the Art Director Piero Lissoni - offers a texture in which to move freely, giving rise to ever-changing configurations. The Modern system of containers is enriched with new compositions, working alone or synergistically with the Load-it bookcase, satisfying all the aesthetic and functional needs of the day area.

Modern + Load-it:
A strongly visual and impressive floor-to-ceiling Modern + Load-It composition, is halfway between a bookshelf and a container. Load-it steel shelves and back panels create a clear-cut and rigorous backdrop warmed up by the essences of the Modern base and hanging containers.
Dimensions: L.560 x H. 268 x D.60 cm.
Finishings. Load-it steel panels and shelves. Modern hanging elements in eucalyptus with carta da zucchero glossy lacquered hinged doors, palissandro santos hanging element with drop-leaf door and eucalyptus elements in giallo mustard matt lacqured inside and with drawers.

Modern Flag:
The wall shows off a new Modern Flag composition in the new pale moon essence, whose striated accents contribute richness and expressiveness. A floor base, with a drop-leaf door that may also be closed to create a showy storage platform, supports a 180°-rotating flat-screen TV Flag panel, which makes it possible to adjust the TV to the viewer’s viewpoint.
Dimensions: L.480 x H. 120,5 x D.60 cm.
Finishings. Flag Composition with two boards with drop-leaf door and Flag panel with central rotation. Panel for 65'' television.

Modern Bridge Feet:
On the wall, a new Modern sideboard on Bridge feet shows lacquered doors and wooden modules, creating a contemporary vintage atmosphere, where retro mixes up with today’s best design.
Dimensions: L.240 x H. 106 x P.46,5 cm.
Finishings. Composition on Bridge feet with open elements in black stained hemlock and palissandro santos and elements with drawers and drop-leaf doors in glossy lacquered colors. Feet height 260 mm.