PORRO @ Salone del Mobile 2019


The Porro set up at the 2019 Salone designed by Piero Lissoni appears as a great contemporary villa with internal gardens that narrates a free project approach, with a single constraint: that of quality. Completely covered by Porro’s systems, the walls seem to vanish and the furnishings become architecture in a journey that is surprisingly rich in glimpses with always diverse and tailor made compositions.
In the first living area, enlivened by Palladio coffee tables with tops in different marbles combined in a divertissement of shapes and colors, one can sit comfortably on the timeless charm Kite Sofa couches in woven ivory fabric in their new larger 2.4 meter long version and on the Kite armchairs by GamFratesi in blue velvet, in the name of the sophisticated elegance.
In the backgroup, a large window is framed by a Modern + Load-it double height composition designed by Piero Lissoni and Wolfgang Tolk, where the Modern base and suspended top in eucalyptus are combined with the upper Load-It bookcase with steel shelves and wall panels, a Modern hanging element with rosso cina lacquered drop-leaf door and 4 Modern vitrines with glass doors, enlightened transparent shelves and rosso cina lacquered backs.
On the opposite side, in the niche covered with the fabric Wood Cover custom paneling system, two Modern new generation compositions play on the alternation of solids and voids, inserting between two rosso antico painted metal shelves a musical score of avorio lacquered containers, embellished by interiors in multiple wooden essences, which are to be discovered with use.
In the second living area, the System bookshelf in eucalyptus by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre constitutes an original architectural presence running from the floor to the ceiling while experimenting in different uses. A chest with drawers is topped by the new 3 meter large Frame Grande Luce module, on which a 70 cm deep shelf offers a seat where one can sit, place the television, or rest a painting and objects, thanks to a double void covered in ecru linen fabric that leaves room for the living space. The equipped wall continues above, with a first strip of enlightened vitrines and 5 more levels of shelves to place one’s collection of books and objects in full view in an orderly fashion.
In the the dining room, the Materic table by Piero Lissoni is presented in the new larger 2 meter diameter with round top and lazy susan in the new Paonazzo marble, characterized by marked grey speckles, resting on a tapered black stained ash base and surrounded by the decorative Frank chairs by Piero Lissoni with their shell-shaped backrests and seats covered in blue velvet.
A floor to ceiling Modern composition for the dining area designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre once again plays on the emptying of the central strip embellished by a Paonazzo marble back. The lower area with a suspended chest of drawers in black stained hemlock, with a marble covering top, is separated by the upper hanging elements in black stained hemlock, including 4 vitrines with transparent glass doors, enlightened transparent shelves and a marble back.
In the study area a 4.5 meters high System floor-to-ceiling composition in teak creates an architectural background next to the staircase: a fun random arrangement that, thanks to areas without backs, gives life to peekaboo suggestions that recall Shoji, the dividing walls in typical Japanese homes. The Modern + Load-it composition by Piero Lissoni and Wolfgang Tolk focused on the delicate visual effect of wall panels in the natural caneté texture used vertically here and horizontally there, with a Modern writing top in black stained hemlock. Two points of color: the Modern hanging element with glossy lacquered drop-leaf doors and 3 vitrines with transparent glass doors, enlightened shelves and lacquered backs, all in the new arancio zucca finish, a vibrant color which is the result of Porro’s ongoing research on finishes.
The true heart of the home is the wide Storage Dressing Room in the new ciliegio white melamine finish, reproducing cherry wood grain but attenuating its rose color with more neutral hues. The new 25x25mm square section upright in the new cuvée finish lightens its structure, creating an airy and roomy sensation further enlightened by the transparent corner solutions. 2 Hub central drawer units by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti in eucalyptus live at the centre, alternating on one side wood and glass drawers and on the other wood drawers and a bench solution in sand colored leather where to sit to calmly contemplate one’s wardrobe, the heart of the home and a must-have item from the Porro’s offering.
The Storage Boiserie exposes backpanels covered in ecru linen fabric and new accessories in eucalyptus: the drawers with continuous glass top and LED light, the inclined shoe rack shelves, the freestanding chest of drawers, the luminous shelves and the new wide wooden shelf.
The protagonist in the bedroom is the new Byron bed by Piero Lissoni in which the ciliegio white headboard slants, outlining a base on which the upholstered bed structure and two large fabric cushions rest, with decorative elements in wrought iron. The Modern suspended vitrine in eucalyptus exhibits scenographically illuminated carta da zucchero lacquered interiors.
The Hinged Storage closet with 32s heat treated oak displays new Oslo handles entirely made of wood and cut out with an accurate carpentry work, in the name of visual cleanness. Among its modules, an ecru fabric covered vanity niche can be dedicated to writing or to the personal care, with Load-it shelves in burnished brass and mirror wall panels, and a Modern suspended shelf in solid wood.
The Offshore chest of drawers by Piero Lissoni are exhibited in the version with exterior in blu reale open pore painted ash and interior in natural maple, while Boutique Mast, the new generation system which plays dual roles as walk-in closet and bookcase, is presented in a daytime composition with reduced thickness shelves and a large shelf in ciliegio white wood.
In the dining room, surrounded by carta da zucchero fabric covered  Pioggia chairs, the new Pascal table by Piero Lissoni makes its debut with die-cast legs in aluminium with wing section, uninterruptedly connected with the horizontal supporting surface on which the solid black stained ash top rests. In the back ground, the new Domo full-height composition for the day area alternates compartments enclosed by tortora lacquered doors with push openings and black sugi interiors, along with a new ingredient: Bento, a black painted wax finished metal box with integrated light, which enables the interplay of solids and voids and creates enlightened backgrounds up to 3 meters long.
In the night area, lightly suspended with its welcoming and inviting shape, the Makura bed by Piero Lissoni in wide weave natural linen fabric is presented with the Offshore bedside tables by Piero Lissoni. In the niche covered by the fabric Wood Cover paneling system, the Boutique Mast walk-in closet returns in the night version, with uprights and clothes rods in burnished brass, large side mirror and Modern containers and shelves in a pale moon finish, in the name of the utmost visual lightness and freedom of expression.
A seasonal Hinged Storage closet with carta da zucchero glossy lacquered doors with the new Block handles painted in tune, alternates a vitrine with interiors in eucalyptus to the new Bento metal box: two marks, one horizontal and one vertical, interrupting the continuity of the colored surface.
Finally, the new Lullaby lounge chair by Nicola Gallizia is a small object of desire with an out of the ordinary shape that captures the glance despite its small size.