“’Once upon a time, there was a king’, my little readers will immediately say. ‘No, children, you are wrong. There was a piece of wood.’” Carlo Collodi.
The Italian word for wood, legno, derives from the Latin “lignum” which, according to some etymologists, derives its meaning from lègere (to select, to collect). In the Chinese tradition, the element of wood represents Spring, therefore birth and rebirth.
Like a book to leaf through, Porro Woodenland collects stories, general and technical information, and curious anecdotes that revolve around wood, because even the trees – like flowers – have their own symbolism to be rediscovered. A homage to the inspiring beauty of this material, it tells about the new and unique service offered by the company: the ability of working the wood with a broad spectrum of personalizations, for a custom-made habitat which fits us perfectly, like a tailor-made suit.