Material House

Material House was created through rediscovered manual skills: it is a form of 'tampering' in human terms toward industry and mass production, to return from the millimetric precision of the machine to the beauty and poetry of manual imperfection.
Piero Lissoni and Porro tackle elements that lie beyond their rigorous project experience: new materials such as rough iron, wallpaper, velvet, new chromatic effects, obtained through polyester paints spread and brushed and allowed to dry naturally, through to new work techniques, which deform, distort, hammer, and scratch the supports, enriching them with unusual tactile and visual sensations.
In a liberating, creative act, through a play of successive overlaps, surface treatments, finishes, industrially mass produced furniture items, free of imperfections, are transformed in their intimate being and enriched by all those errors and occasional particularities which make a hand-made product unique and recognisable.