Porro - Wolfgang Tolk

Wolfgang Tolk

He studied at Braunschweig School of Art (Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig) and in 1981 he moved to the Academy of Fine Arts of Düsseldorf to Prof. Gerhard Hoehme. In primal collaboration with Ingo Maurer, Tolk designed the halogen lamp Minimum presented in several European museums. Since 1990, beside his work as an artist, he realised prototypes of clear minimalist linear objects, mostly in stainless steel and wood. His works were exhibited in Cologne, Chicago, Milan and Kortrjik (Belgium).

Tolk started working with Porro in 1999 with Load-It, one of the most requested piece of Porro collection. With its essential and clear form it joins the production philosophy of Porro factory. Now Tolk is living in Cologne.

Realized products