Free Time – Barzago, Lecco (Italy)



Sporty, young, informal: the minimal and elegant design signed by Porro shows its understated side in the realization of the new Free Time Managemnent Group showroom in Lecco: a company leader in the supply of material for team sports that has been succesfully operating  in Italy  for 25 years and which owns the e-commerce website

Porro furnishes the reception area, the offices and the new showroom devoted to sport, authorized and certified retailer of the best international brands, through  3 different typologies of supplies, and shows Porro predisposition to contract and the possibility to satisfy with flexibility the demands of each client. From manufactered products like Fractal table, to an existing design modified to comply with specific requests, like Modern and Storage systems, presented in customized colors and compositions, to real tailor made products, like the reception desk and the tables used to expose the shoes,  specifically designed to meet the specific functional requirements of the space.

In the first room at the entrance, behind the white tailor made reception desk, stands out the eyecatching design with square modules of Storage system in grey melamine, a customized coloured chosen for this shop, where the T-shirts of the great football champions are exposed. Large tailor made white tables in two heights show different models of shoes at the center of a series of sports shoes in a succession of bright colors. On the walls, a first storage open cabinet in melamine gray is presented with vertical instead of horizontal clothes rods and top shelf for balloons, bags and sunglasses, while the second Storage open closet is declined in 4 orders of shelving offering more inner space.

In the central aisle, a tailor made white counter separates an equipped wall on the right, characterized by a big composition of Storage with ladder, open shelves and lower drawer, from the office area on the left. Here, 3 Fractal tables with white aluminum structure and high resistance moon white matt lacquered top are chosen with personalizations for working use, such as hanging drawer, undertop storage unit, top access, leg for cable passage, while on the background a great corner composition of gray melamine Modern alternates open shelves displaying balls, doors with L handle and open spaces with hanging rod. A Modern open container in white HDS is used to archive files.

Finally, a last Storage compositionrecalls the previous one in a smalerl scale, alternating open shelves for bags, t-shirts and hats with a lower drawer and a sliding ladder.

Via 1 Maggio 16
23890 Barzago (LC) - Italia
Tel. 031.874261

Project information
Destination: Showroom Free Time
Principal: Free Time Managemnent Group
Location: Barzago (LC)
Year: 2013
Selected Porro products: Storage, Modern, Fractal, tailor made products.