Kagurazaka – Tokyo (Japan)



The aesthetics of Porro systems and collections customize the sample apartment of the new Kagurazaka apartment & condo building in the center of Tokyo, curated by E-Interiors, an old and experienced dealer of Porro in Japan.

Modern, Porro’s day system of containers and suspended shelves designed Piero Lissoni, is presented in a TV composition combining a unit equipped with drawer, perfect to store multimedia devices, a white lacquered suspended shelf and a Flag panel for flat screen, that can rotate at 90°, adjusting the tv position according to the watcher’s point of view.

Next to the sofa, Storage, Porro’s system of wardrobes, open wardrobes and walk-in closets by Piero Lissoni,  is presented with avorio matt lacquered Riff doors: an architectural touch and a clean, essential pattern that leaves the surface linear, while adding movement.   The high resistant white painted steel shelves and the mirror or white lacquered hanging panels of the Load-It bookcase, a Porro classic designed by Wolfgang Tolk, create a large equipped wall which dilates the environment by creating pleasant reflections and the ideal backdrop for the dining table.

In the bedroom, the bedside table is Balancing Boxes by the Swedish designers Front, consisting of a series of irregularly overlapping white painted metal boxes, as though balancing in space.

Project information
Use: apartment & condo building
Location: Tokyo.
Interior project: E-Interiors.
Client: Private.
Realization: E-Interiors.
Porro products: Modern system of containers and suspended tops, Storage system of wardrobes, open wardrobes and walk-in closets, Load-It bookcase, Balancing Boxes bedside table.