CityLife Daniel Libeskind – Milan (Italy)



From 5 May to 22 July 2011, Porro products have been chosen by Interni magazine to furnish the mock-up of one of the residences projected by Daniel Libeskind for the CityLife complex in Milan, in the heart of the historical Trade Fair district.
The apartment sample, rebuilt in the City Life space in via Duilio 5, combines the quality of spaces and interior finishes, to a furnishing proposal involving the most important brands of Italian design, including Porro.
If in the dining room stands out the simplicity, balance and symmetry of Minimo table in hemlock solid wood , on the terrace it’s nice to seat and chat on the Groove bench in black stained hemlock: the purity of a single horizontal beam, raised on two bases of support angled and jointed.
In the children's room, at last, there's the vertical rotating sky blue Sidewall bookcase, made up of overlapping modules of variable heights. Contemporary landmark, Sidewall is a strong sign, to hang on the wall or to lean on the floor, in the middle of the room.
In perfect harmony with the pieces around them , Porro furnishings demonstrate their capacity to live in all environments , from the most rigorous and essential to the most eclectic and decorative.