Relax in Wien



A quiet and relaxing space, with a clear contrast between the light tones of the furniture and the dark ones of the parquet. Protagonists of the project conceived by Steininger for a private home in Vienna, the Pivot doors designed by Decoma Design for Porro: large movable walls that, by rotating around a central pivot, allow to close, screen, divide, but also connect the rooms in a new and more dynamic relationship.
In this intervention they are used to isolate the bathroom from the bedroom, a minimal and essential environment, with a strong geometric component that is even more accentuated by Lipla, the iconic bed signed by the French designer Jean-Marie Massaud for Porro. A composition of lines, surfaces and volumes that creates a unique and compelling harmony.

Project Factsheet
Use: private house
Client: Private
Location: Vienna (Austria)
Interior design: SteiningerDesigners
Year of Construction: 2018
Porro products present: Pivot partitions and Lipla bed.