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Richemont Holding – Geneve (Switzerland)



RAM table furnishes the new Richemont International Headquarters in Geneva projected by Jean Nouvel

A perfect synthesis between structural quality and project, which conjugates the low thickness and lightness of steel sheet with the possibility to personalize tops (from wood, to glass or marble) , for its extraordinary performances RAM table has been chosen to furnish the new Richemont International Headquarters in Geneva.

The offices of this new centre, projected by the French architect Jean Nouvel, can in fact count on 360 operative stations studied on purpose by Porro, and composed of custom-made storage containers and of RAM table in the work version, which adds functionality of top access to the elegance of home model.
The supplied furniture is also personalized with a customised finishing. Tables and containers are covered with a particular wooden essence, Jatobà, which is also used for flooring and ceiling panels: the result is an unusual effect of continuity and naturalness of the environment, in an intense dialogue with the charming natural landscape of the surrounding Swiss wood which filters through the glass walls.

With this important furnishing, Porro demonstrates to be an ever-increasing protagonist not only in home environment, but also in the contract sector.
The design wide range of finishings and their durability, high-tech details including patented devices, their functionality and versatility, strong points of Porro production, make the company really competitive in this sector.
Thanks to three different furnishing possibilities, a versatile industrially manufactured product to be used in several settings, a product designed to give the desired effect to a specific environment, or, finally, an existing design modified to comply with specific requests,
Porro is able to satisfy a full spectrum of requirements, perfectly fitting in both large public spaces (such as offices or hotels) and smaller ones (bars, cafés, restaurants).