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Office Building – Paris (France)



The visual neatness, the quality of materials, the functionality of Porro design have been chosen to beautify the Parisian Headquarters of a famous international brand in the film industry.

The area design, entrusted to RBS GROUP Italia, starts from a modular ceiling-grid that makes it possible to modify the spatial scansion of indoor and outdoor spaces over time. The knitting in white aluminium edging also divides space vertically, we can find an open ceiling above it with exposed pipes and machinery, whereas the underlying space is regular and neat.
The open space is crossed by a central spine for the bathroom area, which is split on various sections in order to maintain the visual contact through the areas.

The chosen materials are natural hemlock – one of the most famous essences of the collection of Porro woods, with their typical light nuance – alternating to white varnished panels and large glass sections, embellishing meeting rooms. The prevalence of natural materials and essential shapes conveys the idea of a refined environment with a domestic warmth where managers’ offices resemble home office solutions with sofas in place of desks. Informal areas are placed on each level, such as hot desk areas, informal meeting and relax areas, where it is possible to set up extemporary meetings, phone calls or coffee breaks by dividing spaces, in order to experiment a work mode alternative to the individuality of workstations.

The ground floor is the setting where the most representative functions take place, including a showroom where it is possible to set up events and presentations, a screening room with a state-of-the-art video/audio system, a cafeteria with a large green wall and a gym for employees.

Products information
Plan: offices in Paris.
Date: August 2012/September 2013.
Size: 6000 sq m.
Planning: RBS GROUP Italia.
Contract furniture and walls: Porro + Gemino.