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Hartl Powercrusher – St. Valentin (Austria)



Primary volumes, an interplay of solids and voids, contrast between polished and opaque surfaces.
The elegant and essential Porro design is harmonised with the best contemporary architecture in the complex of Hartl Powercrusher, an Austrian company that produces stone crushing and sifting equipment and markets it throughout the world.
Inside the white vertical volume of the new office building, this project, directed by local architect Siegfried Meinhart, introduces administration and operational areas furnished with items from the Homework collection by Porro; this collection was conceived by Piero Lissoni, transforming for office use some of the proposals by the brand that were created for the home.
While the meeting room is rendered inviting and captivating by the Synapsis table, a web of welded tubes that delicately supports an ultra-thin white Pral® sheet, comfortable H.Chair black leather chairs and a Modern storage unit with sliding and overlapping L-shaped doors, the ample chalk white surfaces of the Storage wardrobe and the imaginative shapes of Nuvola small tables are dominant in the waiting room.
The operational area, which is separated from the side corridor by a continuous series of Ht Work storage units with black aluminium uprights and glass back panels, uses P.04 carbone oak tables with interior wiring and HT work filer drawer units on wheels.
Located in an area of passage, the System work chalk white lacquered bookcase with offset shelves overlooks a spacious, sunny terrace, where it is possible to relax on Truffle perforated small armchairs made of thermoplastic material, which are ideal for both indoors and outdoors.
In the continuous sequence of the various rooms, contemporary spaces in which neutral colours such as white and grey prevail and light filters through the large glass walls screened by shading panels, other items from the Porro catalogue boldly claim their place: among these, the Roll Wide carbone oak kitchen cupboard, Modern vertical wall units, and finally practical Spindle stools chosen for the kitchen area, demonstrating that Porro is increasingly capable of realising complete working environments, all in the name of functionality, technology and aesthetics.

Project information 
Use: Building for offices and production
Client: Hartl Powercrusher GmbH
Location: Gollensdorf 24, 4300 St. Valentin, Austria
Designers: Atelier Meinhart / Stefan Hartl
Surface Area: 450 m2 of offices out of a total surface area of 12,000 m2
Year of Construction: 2008
Porro products present: 3 Modern compositions, 6 HT work compositions, 1 System Work bookcase, 2 Storage wardrobes , 1 Synapsis table, 6 P.04 tables, 12 H.chair chairs, 4 Spindle stools, 21 HT work drawer units, 1 Roll Wide cupboard, 2 Truffle small armchairs.