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Dressing room

Designed by: PIERO LISSONI


Storage provides for a new expression and design of the wardrobe aiming at complying with any requirements. A flexible wardrobe built around a persona and customised according to the specified requirements.
The Storage unit system allows in fact to create countless compositions easily complying with the space and ambience where it is fitted.
A unique feature of the programme is the space continuity inside the entire dressing. Storage renews the structure selfstanding unit, the side panel, making a tool for the aerial continuity inside the wardrobe.

With as many as three different concepts of wardrobe structure, Storage is the first modular system that provides for a continuous space throughout the wardrobe. Innovation lies in the new design of the load-bearing element of the structure. Always seen and conceived as an element to divide parts of the wardrobe, with Storage the side panel is no longer a barrier, but becomes the element that allows continuity of space inside the wardrobe, while brilliantly fulfilling its function as a load-bearing element of the structure and support for the horizontal elements. Inside the wardrobe the idea of space acquires a new value. Thanks to the three different types of structure - walk-in closet, traditional wardrobe and boiserie, now perfectly matching one another - it is possible to create open or closed spaces by alternating different materials for transparent and non-transparent solutions.

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