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Cabina armadio / Walk-in closet

Designed by: PIERO LISSONI


With as many as three different concepts of wardrobe structure, Storage is the first modular system that provides for a continuous space throughout the wardrobe. Innovation lies in the new design of the load-bearing element of the structure. Always seen and conceived as an element to divide parts of the wardrobe, with Storage the side panel is no longer a barrier, but becomes the element that allows continuity of space inside the wardrobe, while brilliantly fulfilling its function as a load-bearing element of the structure and support for the horizontal elements. Inside the wardrobe the idea of space acquires a new value. Thanks to the three different types of structure - walk-in closet, traditional wardrobe and boiserie, now perfectly matching one another - it is possible to create open or closed spaces by alternating different materials for transparent and non-transparent solutions.

The walk-in closet allows, thanks to beams and uprights, the unique self-standing units of the entire structure, making flexible and light compositions as well.
It can be fitted with drawer sets, trouser and sweater holders and many other fittings. It is available in all the unit 500/600/750/1000/1200 mm heights and widths.

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