PORRO COLLECTION 2024 / Nao Tamura Interview

From Japan to New York, balancing memory and innovation, ancient forms and modernity. Along this journey, Porro comes across the light pace of designer Nao Tamura, a specialist in communication and graphic design, who draws inspiration from Japanese culture for the small Origata collection.

The Origata bench and consolle showcase a monolithic design, drawing inspiration from the art of making kimonos, the traditional Japanese garment. Similar to how kimonos are crafted from a flat, rectangular fabric that is cut in straight lines and sewn together to minimize waste, these furnishings are created from a single sheet of aluminum that is cut and assembled using screws, maximizing the use of material.

“The name Origata derives from the Japanese words Ori, which means fold, and Gata, which means shape, so it’s literally folding into shape. The design of Origata is inspired by the craftsmanship process used by kimono makers, since kimono is traditionally made from a single bolt of fabric, cut and sewn to compose the garment, creating little to no waste. This got me thinking on how I could apply this method to furniture making. I enjoyed proposing my idea to the Porro team who understood and embraced it, while also putting their own personal touch, like the color selection. I really enjoyed seeing their interpretation of my ideas and Japanese design into their collection”. Nao Tamura