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As one of the most appreciated design brands in the world thanks to its architectural viewpoint in the design of space and to an ideal of beauty made of pure shapes, extremely accurate workmanship and research on materials and technologies, Porro flies to Vancouver for the opening of the new dedicated space at Livingspace showroom, the brand’s point of reference in Western Canada, which has evolved from a high-end furniture retailer to Vancouver's destination for one-stop luxury home shopping.

Housed in a coveted 1930’s era printing factory, the 30,000 square feet, three level showroom juxtaposes the building's authentic heritage character with a contemporary, gallery-like approach and unique shop-in-shop layout, in collaboration with top international brands like Porro.

The bedroom is enclosed by the Storage dressing room “for her” designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre, features fully transparent, open or closed spaces with glass doors, alongside the transparent corner solution.
The structure and the metal parts, like the new thinner 25x25mm profile, that contributes to making the composition look even lighter and allows to perfectly match the different types of systems, come in the cuvée finish, a sophisticated and precious colour. The back panels and fittings are in white cherry, the new Scandinavian-inspired light finishing that mimics the cherry wood grain, softening the rosy nuance with more neutral and universal tones. It is one the 6 exclusive textures for the Storage interiors, selected and manufactured exclusively for Porro, combining resistance and high aesthetic values.
The Offshore chest of drawers by Piero Lissoni in avorio open-pore stained ash wood, thanks to the continuity of the wood grain on all sides, is a continuous volume interrupted only by the detail of the negative handle: a hole entirely plated in metal with Iron finish.

Fascinating lifestyles, special finishes, concrete emotions: Porro brings its very personal style to the bedroom.
A textile bed with an intimate and compact shape, the Byron bed by Piero Lissoni consists of 3 elements: the padded bed frame slightly raised from the floor, the soft headboard cushions where you can linger reading before falling asleep, and the screen at the bottom of the bed that seems to embrace the space and protect the rest. The lines are soft, the edges rounded, with the sophisticated detail of the screen with a black stained solid ash frame that encloses a straw weave featuring a graphic black and white houndstooth pattern, in a balance between contemporaneity and memory.

The Storage dressing room “for him” priviledges instead black sugi, the dark and enveloping finish, extremely sophisticated, at the same time ancient and modern chosen for Storage system of wardrobes and dressing rooms. Combined with a black painted metal structure, it offers a matte black-ink surface with marked veins, inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Sou Sugi Ban, which protected the cedar wood by burning it with coal.
The Hinged Storage corner closet in black sugi alternates open and transparent modules with others closed by thick 32S doors in heat-treated oak with Oslo recessed handle made entirely of wood in an exercise in cabinet making.
At the center of the room, the Hub central unit by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti in black stained ash wood combines the wooden drawers on one side and a foca leather bench solution with a large drawer on the other, to sit and quietly contemplate the wardrobe, the heart of the house and a must of Porro’s offering.
The room is completed by the Storage Walk-in closet, leaning on a glass surface.
The shoe rack with lighted or wooden angled shelves is the quintessence of Porro’s tailoring skills and of its ability to create bespoke solutions for every space.

The corridor is transformed into a studio by the Load-it bookcase by Wolfgang Tolk with steel shelves and steel and mirror wall panels, accessorized with a Modern palissandro santos suspended top, perfectly matching the Romby chair by GamFratesi, whose truncated cone base in solid black stained ash wood, with an exquisite flared shape, is connected to a swivel upholstered seat, soft and compact, covered in black&white fabric.
Halfway between the walk-in closet and the open wardrobe, characterised by distinctive wall panels to which the various modules can be fixed, is the Boiserie Storage, exposing fabric covered backs from which emerge as architectural volumes the glass shelves and the elements in eucalyptus, from the big shelf for storing objects to the chest of drawers with crystal top.

Capturing the eye in the living room, a large Modern+Load-it hanging composition is lifted off the ground and combined with a Verde Rameggiato marble Roc board. The Load-it bookcase with steel shelves and wall panels in black stained canneté, featuring a succession of horizontal and vertical stripes, creates a material picture on the wall. The large Modern volume is enlivened by the nice graphic interplay of the doors made of heat-treated oak, a strongly textured wood in contrast with the verde gris shade chosen for the interiors of the glass cabinets – with a metal frame painted in the same colour – which emerge as contemplative voids in the composition. An architectural solution with a strong scenic appeal that offers maximum capacity and utmost customisation.

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