The Boxes


La Meda - Piergiorgio Cazzaniga
“La Meda” is the name which the Brianza area carpenters used to call the pile of wood. When thinking about the box for the Porro 90th anniversary, I wanted to recall before the real art of building furnishing units, the need to have wood available to manufacture them. La Meda is the origin, for me, the beginning of production and everything comes later.
Processing: cabinetery.
Finishes: solid natural hemlock.
Sizes: L. 30 x P. 21 x H. 21 cm.
Handiwork by Giordano Viganò, cabinetmaker.

The Veiled Box - Front
The Veiled Box is an object that is always on the point of being unveiled, and celebrates the exciting moment of revealing a new piece of furniture. A large piece of wood has been digitally milled to make it look like a box under drapery.
Processing: Scanner 3d and solid wood processing (technological inlay).
Finishes: solid natural hemlock.
Sizes: L. 30 x P. 30 x H. 16 cm.

9Ø - Gamfratesi
A box to celebrate 90 years of design, thinking the origin and looking ahead. A project based on a name, a logo, a recognized symbol of tradition. A sophisticated meeting between craftsmanship, material and quality. A clever and hidden system of opening to protect a secret; only moving the central bar is possible to open the box into two parts.
Processing: technological inlay.
Finishes: teak.
Sizes: diameter 32 x H. 10 cm.
Woodwork by Gigi Marelli.

Magic Box - Piero Lissoni
Two parts, six sides, ten woods, twelve edges, thirteen internal spaces for thirteen treasures.
Processing: cabinetry.
Finishes: heat treated elm, eucalyptus, heat treated tanne, canaletto walnut, domestic walnut, heat treated walnut, teak, oak, heat treated oak, heat treated hemlock.
Sizes: L. 30 x P. 30 x H. 30 cm.
Handiwork by Luca Brenna.

Papier - LucidiPevere
With the box we wanted to convey the idea of a tissue paper: light, thin, made of a single veneering. With a very thin cover – as paper – to be folded at the ends and a cylinder body bending when held. The metal part is nothing but a wire. The hinge is small and accurate – as for glasses – simply asking to open a thin veil of wood. An ephemeral object. Once not functional but simply emotional.
Processing: carpentry, laser processing, manual metal processing.
Finishes: black stained hemlock and copper, made with a wood plate + carbon fibre.
Sizes:  diameter 26,8 x H. 10 cm.
Woodwork by Mario Moriggi, inlayer.

Piccolo Scrigno – Alessandro Mendini
Such a precious box ready to hold everything, really everything, even though small, but mainly affections. One after the other small objects are added, becoming a collection, filling the memory casket.
Processing: inlay and carpentry.
Sizes: L. 45 x P. 14,2 x H. 7 cm.
Woodwork by Mario Moriggi, inlayer.

The Footed Dowry Box – Neri&Hu
A jewelry box inspired by the dowry chest which used to accompany a Chinese bride into her newly wedded home.  Other than bedding, wardrobe, and personal grooming tools, the dowry box traditionally also included two pairs of wooden clogs. Our design takes the form of the traditional bound-feet clogs, and superimposed them on the box, as if the box is footed like the clogs. This is our tribute to the curious tradition of foot-binding as it relates to women's marriage and role in society.  A jewelry box, although is a superfluous container for unnecessary objects of vanity, takes on a new identity in reminding us of that meaningful past.
Processing: manual processing of solid wood and metal, carpentry.
Finishes: canaletto walnut and brass.
Sizes: L. 40 X P. 25 X H. 47 cm.
Handiwork by Giordano Viganò, cabinetmaker.

Scatola per Pensieri - Elisa Ossino
Thoughts move rapidly, fly away and are often lost. A project: a box with a key holding many boxes to hide thoughts, but small objects as well, stationeries, small chocolates, it is changed into a matryoshka, a game for children, a paperweight cube.
Processing: Folding and inlay.
Finishes: ash, heat treated elm, heat treated walnut, natural hemlock, heat treated oak, heat treated tanne, domestic walnut.
Sizes: L. 20 x P. 20 x H. 20 cm.
Handiwork by Carlo, Mario and Enrico Ballabio.

Tiny box -  Christophe Pillet
A mini product for a maximum know how of Porro.
Processing: turnery and laser inlay.
Finishings: ash wood.
Dimension: diameter 10 x H. 24 cm.
Handiwork by Davide Campostori, wood turner.

Inside The Box … - Soda Des/gners Nasrallah&Horner
A simple box outside, opening on a surprising perspective inside. Giving value to the inner void, which preserves the content of the box as well as its secret. Leaving space for imagination and curiosity in the eye of the beholder.
Processing: metal engraving.
Finishes: Solid aluminium. 
Sizes: L. 30 x P. 30 x H. 10 cm.
Metalwork by Domenico Ronchetti.