Showroom PorroDuriniquindici - “BESPOKE XS”


Quintessence of the brand’s customization, the wardrobes can be sewn on all desires and spaces as a made-to-measure dress.

Installation: P.Lissoni
Showroom Porro duriniquindici, Via Durini 15, Milan

In the showroom at via Durini 15, wardrobes are in the spotlight, quintessence of Porro’s customisation. Here the company’s bespoke does not only manifest itself through the original and cutting-egde space solutions or the accurate finishings of doors and interiors, but above all through the rationalisation and optimisation of interiors so that the objects inside – shirts, clothes and one’s most beloved accessories – are not just safe and tidy, but exhibited and valued as well, with the obsessive attention to hidden details which makes a wardrobe by Porro different from any other, a world apart. A dense pathway hosts 8 subsequent possible solutions, confirming that spacious, breath-taking areas are not necessary: the wardrobe project by Porro shows off its absolute quality whatever the size. Like a tailor, Porro masterfully sews its wardrobes like a custom-made dress that is able to adapt to all desires and spaces, combining industrial production and handicraft, off-the-shelf product and one-off piece.