Salone del Mobile 2013 - "History Reloaded"


c/o Showroom Porro duriniquindici
Installation: P. Lissoni.
Designs: W. Aisslinger, P. Cazzaniga, Decoma Design, Front, F. Laviani, P. Lissoni, J.M. Massaud, B. Munari, A. Peach, C. Pillet, N. Rennie and W. Tolk.

Grand Tour: a journey through the products and the partnerships that have shaped the history of Porro.

At Porro duriniquindici, the showroom in the heart of Milan, this company renowned worldwide for its exquisite quality and minimalist, elegant furniture designs, pays tribute to the iconic pieces and partnerships established over the years with some of the best-known Italian and international designers: the people who have shared the design philosophy of Porro since the company was established in 1925.

The first thing visitors see on entering is a timeline on the staircase, with large red figures and small grey words telling the story of the products of the past 50 years, in the brand's typically concise style. An important milestone was 1989 - the year in which Piero Lissoni was appointed as Porro's art director, and the timeline continues to the present day, step by step, never forgetting the company's philosophy of simplification and functionality.

The theme of the interior is the immediacy of the large grey lacquered display platforms, on which 20 original pieces from the Porro archive have been exhibited in small sets.