Porro @ Elle Decor Design Forever


Palazzo Bovara,
Cortso Venezia 51

The quality of Porro’s project is in the foreground also in the Design Forever exhibition curated by Calvi Brambilla for Elle Decor Italia in the evocative setting of Palazzo Bovara in Corso Venezia 51, dedicated to timeless design.

The hybrid room is furnished by the Ferro table designed by Piero Lissoni in 1994 characterised by a sensual curved line, with rounded corners and wide-ranging joints: a visual icon with a lightweight look, still exuding an innate elegance today. Made of folded and welded sheet metal in suggestive finishes - white glossy, black glossy, rosso antico, grigio porfido, bronze effect or stainless steel - it catches the eye for its refined lines and the emotional impact of the material.

Another selected item is the Brina stool by Piero Lissoni, created in 2019 as the tall version of the Neve chair to complete one of the brand’s most famous family of chairs, which also includes the upholstered Pioggia and the low Ghiaccio armchair. Available in two heights, to be used around a breakfast counter in the kitchen or for a reception or bar area in the contract sector, where it conveys an unprecedented elegance, it stands out for its slightly slanted tapered legs, the low curved backrest and the suspended seat in solid ash, which unleash Porro’s woodworking expertise.

On show also the Gentle chair designed by Front in 2012: stolen from a fairy tale, directly coming from a children book, it reinterprets the archetype of the seat, updating its forms and purifying them.

From an idea of Elle Decor Italia - IG @elledecoritalia
Exhibition Design Calvi Brambilla - IG @calvibrambilla
Landscape Design Antonio Perazzi - IG @antonio.perazzi
Interactive Installations Kokoschka Revival - IG @kokoschka.revival
Styling Simona Silenzi Studio - IG @simona.silenzi
Ph. Stefano Giulio Pavesi - IG @stefanogiuliopavesi