New Porro Monobrand at Jiancasa Beijing


As one of the most appreciated design brands in the world thanks to its architectural viewpoint in the design of space and to an ideal of beauty made of pure shapes, extremely accurate workmanship and research on materials and technologies, Porro continues to gain momentum in China with the opening of the new monobrand showroom in Beijing in collaboration with Jiancasa, devoted to import high end building material and furniture in the country, introducing a contemporary lifestyle.

Following the "less is more" diktat and willing to provide professional, thoughtful and continuous service to high-end clients, developers, architects and designers who have the same views, Jiancasa has selected Porro, an Italian family business of excellence now in its fourth generation, which for nearly one hundred years has produced a wide range of systems and furnishings where the artisan attention to detail is combined with the precision, reliability and quality of industry.

“This new Porro showroom in Beijing, designed in collaboration with our Art Director Piero Lissoni, demostrates the special attention our brand is getting in China. It is an honor for us to think that our products, made in our plant in a green area between the cities of Milan and Como, are so appreciated by the Chinese public, who believe more and more in the value of the design we build with great passion here in Italy” - explains Maria Porro, Porro’s marketing and communication manager. “Thanks to a revolutionary and cutting-edge production plant that has eliminated warehouse stocks by working just-in-time with excellent results in terms of quality of cut and coating of panels, customization capacity, waste reduction and sustainability, Porro offers a home that is always different, unique, as demonstrated by this store, where the company's systems, complex but flexible architectures, design the spaces in an original way, dialoguing with the collections: objects characterized by pure geometric shapes, technological details, research on materials and finishes, designed by leading figures on the design scene”.

Piero Lissoni has imagined Porro's new home in Beijing as transparent light-filled box, favoring neutral, delicate colors for the interior finishes such as the resin floors, the louver wood ceiling, and the ecological paint made from the waste of rice processing for the walls, from which emerge the pure volumes and broad spectrum of finishes of the systems and furnishings on display. Porro's logo, designed in 1966 by Italian design master Bruno Munari, is the graphic element of the windows facing the street, which is instead transformed into neon lighting in the display facing the garden.

In the large living area at the entrance, an eye-catching large Modern hanging composition designed by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro is raised from the floor next to a matt travertine Roc board, animated by the nice graphic effect of avorio lacquered doors that contrast with Nazionale walnut, the wood type chosen for the interiors of the glass cabinets, featuring a metal frame in the same colour, that stand out as contemplative voids in the composition. In the middle, perfectly concealed, the TV compartment appears only in moments of leisure, thanks to the very large avorio glossy lacquered vertical sliding door.
A pleasant conversation takes place on the Kite Sofa by GamFratesi that fits perfectly into the living space with its plastic fan shape. Wide and compact volume, Kite Sofa reveals to a careful eye its refined details: calibrated thicknesses, accurate proportions and the elegant curvature of the tubular structure that surrounds the internal padding, a sort of coat with a raised collar of haute couture spirit. The leather Kite armchairs are accompanied by the iconic Ferro low table by Piero Lissoni in bronze finishing, the iconic Balancing Boxes coffee table by Front, composed of a series of irregularly overlapping Tineo wooden boxes.
A System bookshelf in black stained ash gives rhythm to the space with its irregular layout, with a transparent glass cabinet in the centre, with Iron frames to store the most valuable objects, highlighted by the new spotlights that can be freely adjusted in their position.

The dining room features the Materic table by Piero Lissoni with Calacatta Oro top and a conical base skilfully made of stainless steel. Around it, the Frank chairs by Piero Lissoni in grey fabric, freely inspired by a French-styled déco, bring new comfort and expressive possibilities.
The ambiance is illuminated in a scenographic way by the Gap hanging bookcases designed by Carlo Tamborini in the precious rosso cina metal finish: a strong aesthetic sign that acts as a book-end as well as a light source, thanks to the built-in LED lighting that runs along its perimeter.
Technology and craftsmanship come together in a sophisticated interior thanks to the Glide sliding partitions by Piero Lissoni + Iaco Design Studio. They lead to the real heart of the home, the Storage dressing room designed Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre, which combines transparent compartments, fully open or closed by glass doors, with the transparent corner solution.

The structure and the metal parts, like the new thinner 25x25mm profile, that contributes to making the composition look even lighter and allows to perfectly match the different types of systems, come in the cuvée finish, a sophisticated and precious colour. The back panels and fittings are in white cherry, the new Scandinavian-inspired light finishing that mimics the cherry wood grain, softening the rosy nuance with more neutral and universal tones.
Timeless charm characterizes the Hinged Storage wardrobe with saddle leather doors, becoming unique thanks to sophisticated stitches and Boite Aux recessed handles. Their regular pace is interrupted by a transparent open module with white cherry shelves and a cuvée structure.
At the center of the room, the Hub central unit by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti combines the wooden drawers on one side and a corda leather bench solution with a large drawer on the other, to sit and quietly contemplate the wardrobe, the heart of the house and a must of Porro’s offering.

Fascinating lifestyles, special finishes, concrete emotions: Porro brings its very personal style to the bedroom as well. A textile bed with an intimate and compact shape, the Byron bed by Piero Lissoni consists of 3 elements: the padded bed frame slightly raised from the floor, the soft headboard cushions where you can linger reading before falling asleep, and the screen at the bottom of the bed that seems to embrace the space and protect the rest. The lines are soft, the edges rounded, with the sophisticated detail of the screen with a black stained solid ash frame that encloses a straw weave featuring a graphic black and white houndstooth pattern, in a balance between contemporaneity and memory.

Large Glide Miru glass wings by Piero Lissoni + Iaco Design Studio, surrounded by a graphic frame with an applied handle in the same finish as the frame, give access to Storage Boiserie, offering a protection that lets the eyes see through. Halfway between a dressing room and an open wardrobe, the Storage Boiserie designed by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro features modular wall panels covered with arancio zucca fabric on which various equipment is hung, in a sophisticated interplay of transparent details and careful material combinations.
The Acquario drawer unit by Piero Lissoni in the middle of the room, also with burnished brass frame, glass shelves and eucalyptus trays, completes the space with harmony.

Boutique Mast conveys a feeling of harmony in its dressing room version, featuring thin round uprights in iron-finish metal hosting the mirror, cantilevered shelves in black stained ash and an arancio zucca lacquered open element that vibrates in a soft contrast.
At the center for a moment of relax is Traveller, the elegant and original daybed by GamFratesi characterized by the black painted metal trestle structure and the "saddle effect" leather sides.

The coffee area relies on the rigorous relaxation, without harshness, of the Lullaby armchair designed by Nicola Gallizia. An object of desire with an unusual shape that, behind its apparent simplicity, reveals sophisticated details, such as the black-stained curved solid ash wood frame and the tight-fitting cloth upholstery in black and white tones, is enlived by the Palladio coffe tables by GamFratesi with marble tops combined in a divertissement of shapes and colours.
Piero Lissoni's Modern sideboard with Calacatta Oro marble top and glossy verde inglese lacquered doors shows a rosewood open module, an architectural presence raised on the Bridge foot in the sign of decorativism.

Designing spaces through clear and elegant signs, that are defined by the rigour of the lines, the value of the finishes and the quality of design: in the studio, the Load-it bookcase with steel shelves and wall panels in natural canneté, featuring horizontal stripes alongside vertical ones, creates a fully-fledged boiserie system on the wall: the Modern writing top in black stained hemlock transforms it into a functional home-office station.
The Pascal table by Piero Lissoni shows its luxurious soul with the Sahara Noir marble top, contrasting with the industrial wing structure in die-cast aluminium, while remaining loyal to Porro’s minimalist style and contemporary look. Next to it, the Romby armchairs by GamFratesi, featuring a truncated cone base in solid ash wood, with a flared shape obtained through slices in a careful cabinet-making exercise, that is connected to a swivel soft and compact padded seat, covered in fabric or leather.
The Storage Battente wardrobe with black stained hemlock doors is a classic par excellence. Filling two geometric voids, the new open metal box Bento and the glass cabinet with its strongly textured interior in Santos rosewood provide a super elegant eccentric touch, enhanced by the lighted transparent shelves. The wall panels, in the same finish used for the Storage doors, show the mastery achieved by Porro in furnishing the space, in streamlining the shapes and in ensuring maximum elegance and functionality in every project.

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