Komorebi. Porro Duriniquindici Milano


Light and nature: aspects that determine a change of state and relationship with ambient and objects, are explored by Porro in Komorebi, vase-candleholder designed in limited edition by Piero Lissoni and presented the 15th December in the Porro showroom, in Via Durini 15.
The continuous game of contrasts and dualisms is indeed expression and peculiarity of the Komorebi’s project nature, term which express the visual phenomenon of light through the tree’s leaves in Japanese.
Changeable in the use, on one side candle-holder and on the other flowerpot, it interprets the different aspects of light and nature trough the movement change of its function condition, determining their union and undoing their duality. Realized entirely in turned-wood, the choice of finishing revokes the juxtaposition between different shade of colours: the soft and warm tones of canaletto walnut and the cold and decisive ones of natural maple are alternated to lacquered rosso cina or denim interiors, while remaining perfectly in balance and harmony thanks to the aesthetic simplicity of Komorebi lines and shape.
An exercise of style that, once again, confirms the Porro’s mastery in working with wood and realizing objects characterized by a clean aesthetic and an essential language, based on consistency and simplification, following a continuos research on finishings, refinement of line and the technical quality of its details.

Komorebi will be available to purchase at Porro showroom for the entire holidays season.

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