Immaterial House - Showroom Porrodurini15


Unclear limits, shadowed geometries and suggested ambiances define the Immaterial House, imagined by Piero Lissoni, in co-operation with Elisa Ossino, for the showroom Porro duriniquindici.
It is the result of the complicity between the Milan brand and the famous designer, Porro art director since 1989 and unique master of lightness in design, minimal approach, preferring reducing weight and matter to lead to creations where quality, beautiful aesthetics and proportions stand out in any detail, a proposal destined to refresh as a light blow, an open-eye dream, with the Milan exhibition week.

In a totally dark scenario, with a few spots directing light beams on the floor, it is possible to perceive a subtle filament spider web: a light weave in metal rod penetrating the architecture of the showroom on two floors to define the wire-frame profile of a light proposal, 6 ambiences in total, stylized boxes in different shake filled with the most famous Porro catalogue products.