New Porro’s Exhibition area At Livingspace in Vancouver


New Porro’s Exhibition area At Livingspace in Vancouver
Opening: May 23rd

Vancouver’s premier destination for European modern furniture, Livingspace showroom renovates its 19,000 square foot two-level showroom located in the Armoury District, opened in 2011, dedicating a new exhibition area to the Italian brands Porro and Living Divani.
The concept is that of a large contemporary villa that tells of a free design approach, without fear and with a single constraint, that of quality. Covered with Porro’s systems, the walls seem to disappear and the furnishings become architecture, in an incredibly rich path that surprises for the impeccable lines, the unusual mix of functions, the never tried combination of materials and the new space reserved for color.
A dining room with strong character places on stage the Jeff table by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti with solid natural chestnut top and blue pigmented shiny curvilinear bases and the Voyage chairs by GamFratesi with black stained maple structure and fitting black leather covering.
In the living area, the System bookcase with reduced depth constitutes a precious backdrop which does not close off the view, while the Modern + Load-it composition, design Piero Lissoni and Wolfgang Tolk, plays on the amazing contrast between colors and essences, combining the steel shelves and panels of Load-it to the Modern hanging elements.
The continuity of the space is interrupted by an Ex-Libris vitrine by Piero Lissoni which acts as a transparent filter for the dining room. Here the Materic table by Piero Lissoni with a round marble top resting on a tapered black stained ash base is surrounded by the decorative Frank chairs by Piero Lissoni with dark grey velvet covered shell-shaped backrests and seats and antiqued brass painted legs.
In the central living area, one can sit comfortably on the Kite armchairs by GamFratesi with ivory woven fabric covering, with an evergreen look and a timeless charm. To contain precious objects, a large Modern composition combines a wide upper glass display case with eucalyptus containers and enlightened shelves to a long eucalyptus sideboard on a 20 cm. high T-shaped food, with calacatta oro marble covering top and ring silver-plated handles.
The chromatic vitality of Porro woods warms the display route with the presence of the Wood Cover paneling system in eucalyptus: an equipped background onto which to hook the Gap bookcases by Carlo Tamborini in grigio piombo and rosso antico painted metal, with a frame acting as a bookmark and as a source of light at the same time. 
The ethereal atmosphere is counterbalanced by a very dark graphical wall in which a Load-it bookshelf with steel shelves shows off wall panels in the new caneté finish, a dense ribbed texture that gives life to a vibrant, three dimensional surface interrupted by glossy black lacquered Modern hanging elements with a sahara noir marble top.
The night area is the undisputed realm of Storage, Porro’s system of wardrobes, open wardrobes and walk-in closets designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre, which composes refined settings ensuring the maximum personalisation. Holding one’s clothes and giving life to a secret room in one’s home, the Storage Dressing Room is shown in a large angular composition, which alternates modules closed by saddle leather covered doors and open modules embellished by brown leather covered shelves, providing pleasant tactile sensations. The composition is completed by 2 modules enclosed by Iron transparent glass doors: the shoe rack with bent enlightened shelves and the bag shelves. The Hub central drawer unit in pale moon essence with dark brown saddle leather bench lives at the centre: the ideal place where to calmly sit and contemplate the wardrobe, heart of the home and a must-have among Porro’s offerings.
In a glass niche, the Boutique Mast new generation walk-in closet design Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre is exposed in the night version, with uprights and hanging racks in metal, to be personalized with mirrors and Modern elements and tops, in the name of the utmost visual lightness and freedom of expression.
Flexible and light, the Storage walk-in closet with black painted uprights is fitted with drawers with glass fronts and bag and sweater holders in black sugi melamine. On the side, a Modern + Load-it writing desk combines mirror wall panels with a pale moon suspended shelf and rosso cina drawers, comfortably resting on the Draped Chair by Front, the small, ultra-feminine armchair which is as delicate as a drape with a black stained ash structure and red fabric.
The Storage Boiserie,  a solution halfway between the minimalism of the walk-in closet and the  protection of the closet, combines the view of the interiors with the warmth of grey linen paneling and eucalyptus melamine accessories.

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