Bespoke. Made for you. Porro duriniquindici, Milan


Porro’s bespoke project, in set up by Piero Lissoni
Milan, 16 December 2015

A selected mix of finishes and the creative style of Piero Lissoni: at the showroom in via Durini15 the ingredients of the Porro’s bespoke project are unveiled.

At a time when digital reality prevails, the company rediscovers the emotions of tactile experience and through a soft, delicate outfitting it discloses its amazing selection of finishes for systems and collections to choose from according to one’s own tastes, to create impeccable objects and pieces of furniture with an ever-changing flavour, mirroring one’s own personality.

At the centre of the outfitting, sample materials are placed on the Fractal tables amounting to 8 linear metres of finishes: 16 wooden essences, 24 shiny and matt lacquers, 24 coloured back-painted glasses, 4 glasses, 4 metal finishes, 5 finishes for the interiors of the wardrobes, 5 tapered solid woods for the chairs and 2 high-resistant lacquers become ductile geometric shapes, to arrange according to one’s own tastes in an abstract setting where new combinations are experimented.

Producing the effect of a storm of colours, some of the 93 fabrics, 32 leathers and 8 eco-leathers covering the soft products of the brand hang from the ceiling like Japanese-style fabric stripes, in a chromatic scale ranging from white to beige, brown and gray and bursting into green, blue, purple and red.

A set of trays freely combines the matt lacquered colours and the woods of Porro’s palette on each side: a visual experiment showing the matter potentialities of the system of boxes Modern, also available in the versione with matt lacquered colors inside / wooden outside, and the endless variety of a range of finishes that is unique in this field and with a sartorial spirit, for the diversity and the quality of its proposals.

The path culminates in the wardrobe area, the quintessence of Porro’s customization.
So precious and cosy that it becomes an actual shelter to stay in and relax with the warmth of wood and the brilliance of lacquers, the wardrobe Porro has gradually turned from a technical room into an emotional place that prevails more and more.
Here Bespoke is not only expressed by the accuracy of finishes for doors and interiors, but also by original and cutting-edge space solutions, by the rationality and the optimisation of interiors, so that the objects inside – one’s most beloved shirts, clothes and accessories – are not only safe and orderly, but also exposed and valued, with the extreme attention to hidden details that makes the wardrobe Porro different from all others, a world aside.