“Cabinet of Curiosities” exhibition arrives in Singapore 


The “Cabinet of Curiosities” exhibition, inaugurated at Porro duriniquindici showroom in Milan during Salone del Mobile, continues its tour of the major design international events and the brand’s top retailers all over the world, and after being shown at the IDS Vancouver, now travels to Southeast Asia.
The exhibition will be displayed at Dream Interiors, the showroom that has represented the state-of-the-art style and design of the island since it was founded in 2006, from the 10th of March till the 15th of April. The special opening, for architects and clients only, is scheduled on the 8th of March on the occasion of Maison&Objet Asia, the internationally renowned show that features high-end interior design concepts and solution for Asia Pacific.
Within the nearly 1400 sq m. showroom, different day and night areas are dedicated to Porro, perfectly reflecting the geometric and conceptual beauty of the Italian brand, with its elegant warm atmospheres intended for relax and contemplation and a complete showcase of its collections.
On tiptoe, and with the discretion which has characterized it from the beginning, Porro has arrived in 2015 at its important 90 year milestone faithful to its unusual recipe for living, its unique mix of minimalism and experimentation. On the one hand are hyper-accurate systems in which every centimeter is carefully calculated, the surfaces refined and the materials precious, to design architectural spaces of the highest quality which are always different as the result of a bespoke approach to choices among a particularly wide range of finishes, and on the other hand special objects which condense all their characteristics on a small scale, releasing energy, technical expertise and creativity.
To celebrate its birthday, starting from the ideal of a “closet”, typical of its activity and stressing once more the company search for new materials, Porro invited all the designers who in time designed the company collections and some other special names to design this collection of wooden boxes, mixing at ease the company 16 woods, different in function and opening as well.
If the box by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga is inspired by the “meda”, the wood pile which historically was present everywhere, similar to a miniature Japanese architecture of full and empty spaces, the box by the Front is a digitally processed piece of wood, revealing a box under a drape, evoking the Christo art to pack buildings and the Renaissance sculpture as well, with its capacity to finely sculpture marble, looking as skin; the box by Gamfratesi is a celebration of the Porro logo designed in 1966 by Bruno Munari, with the O shape opening as a ladybug while the project by Piero Lissoni is instead a magic box that opens in two parts, showing hidden treasures. The box by LucidiPevere is made with a bent veneer on itself and closed by a brass joint used as the opening. The box by Alessandro Mendini is an inlaid and carpentry masterpiece with its eye meditation shape and the earth colours, Neri&Hu modernly reinterprets the traditional Chinese dowry box given as a gift to young girls, with a metal handle becoming a mirror while the box by Elisa Ossino is a box holding thoughts, hiding a series of smaller and smaller units in the different Porro woods, and the box by Christophe Pillet summarizes turning and laser inlay turned into a fascinating match-holder. Finally the project by Soda Des/gners a solid aluminium container with a different internal “twist” effect, not to forget metal, one of the beloved brand materials.
A series of curiosities translated in “extrasmall scale” the high-quality of all Porro creations in terms of techniques, aesthetics and materials, and the company's ability to follow the desires of every designer performing a wide range of customizations.

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