The most diverse looks of Lullaby


Eclectic decorativism
Small object of desire with an offplan shape that captures the gaze despite its small dimensions. Lullaby armchair by Nicola Gallizia reveals sophisticated details behind its apparent simplicity, such as the small supporting foot in cuvée painted metal, the natural ash solid structure and the covering in soft sugar paper fabric.

Artisanal luxury
Enveloping lines and refined details: the brand-new Lullaby armchair by Nicola Gallizia captures all hearts by changing its look with precious materials, confirming its charisma and versatility, in domestic interiors as well as in contract. In the name of artisanal luxury, Lullaby dresses a leather covering on a natural solid ash structure.

Graphic minimalism
Minimal and graphic, the black and white version of the Lullaby lounge chair by Nicola Gallizia exalts its unusual configuration and inclination, evoking the comfort and the act of cradling. Its immediate and pleasant-sounding name is almost onomatopoeic: the “L” recalls the shape of the wooden legs, while “U” identifies the armchair on the floor plan, in addition to recall a rocking motion.

Radical elegance
In the all black version with black stained ash structure and black wool covering, Lullaby unleashes its radical elegance. A particular homage to Bauhaus and its diktat of reconciling functionalism and formal purism, in an ideal fusion of artisanal artistic creation and industrial production.