System of wardrobes and dressign rooms Storage, White Cherry


Lightness. As the main protagonist of Porro’s 2020-2021 Collection, brand’s visiting card and quintessence of its bespoke possibilities, the Storage system of wardrobes and dressing rooms designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre was revolutionised from a manufacturing standpoint. The traditional 25x45mm upright was replaced by the new 25x25mm profile in order to further increase the aerial sensation of extreme lightness: a technical evolution in the name of utmost visual cleanliness that makes Porro wardrobe experience even more intense and exciting.

Architecture. The new profile provides for more space inside and allows to perfectly match the different types of systems – wardrobe, open wardrobe and dressing room – with fully transparent glass compartments alongside others that are partially or completely closed, in an interplay of full and empty spaces and architectural spaces that are every time different, to be experienced.

Trasparency. As the real core of the home, the Storage dressing room freely combines open spaces alongside spaces closed by glass doors: a visual lightness enhanced by the corner solution, with lighted shelves and transparent back panels, also closed by Iron doors.

Interiors. Scandinavian inspiration for the dressing room with back panels and equipment in white cerry, a light finish that mimics the cherry wood grain with more neutral and universal tones. In the detailed view, the transparent lighted shelf powered by a wireless electrification system which is perfectly embedded and hidden in the structure. For the metal parts the cuvee finish is chosen, a refined and precious colour that perfectly matches the white cherry equipment, thus adding value to the composition that features closed back panels alongside transparent ones thanks to the use of a glass side panel.

Light. The Storage system of wardrobes and dressing rooms has been renewed by a new impalpable material: light. The result of Porro’s technical expertise is the new wireless lighting system, where the transparent lighted shelf is powered by a wireless electrification system which is perfectly embedded and hidden in the structure.

Organization. The drawers with glass fronts show and enhance the wardrobe. To store one’s accessories meticulously, there are internal organisers in white cherry, or soft drawer bottoms and eco-leather storage trays in different colours and sizes, to choose the solution that fits one’s needs at best.

Personalisation. With its brightness and lightness, Storage is more than just a simple wardrobe: it is a real piece of architecture that designs the space, creating open, closed and transparent rooms, leaving the utmost freedom in designing the desired composition.
Highly technological and complex but ultra-flexible system, Storage is produced every time on design. It is the design of each order that generates the production process, thanks to a sophisticated design program with over 25,000 codes. Each Storage composition, custom-designed, is identified through a special "identity card", which traces the production cycle and is delivered to the final customer, more and more aware and involved in the whole process.

Environmental Sustainability. All Porro’s systems, including Storage, are produced with a new avant-garde production plant, which has replaced the production of panels in standard sizes with just-in-time custom-made panels. Among the effects of the new plant there are objectives that have always been present in the history of the brand, such as the replacement of the modularity in favor of freedom of composition, the increase in quality in the cutting and coating of the panels, the production optimization with the reduction of waste and the elimination of warehouse stocks, according to a lean approach of sustainable growth.

Social Sustainability. Porro completes Storage project with the new styling set designed by Elisa Ossino Studio, in which every single object is the result of an aesthetic choice, but also of a reflection on today and tomorrow, exquisite props made by laboratories chosen for their social and environmental sustainability. The styling clothes for the wardrobes are made by the Cooperativa Alice, a cooperative which runs haute couture workshops inside the San Vittore prison in Milan with the purpose of rehabilitating vulnerable women. The wood objects are created in collaboration with the Contrada degli Artigiani of the Cometa Foundation in Como: a place where master craftsmen, renewing tradition, pass down the value of work, the techniques and secrets of the oldest traditional crafts to young people who live in challenging social, economic and personal conditions.