System new compositions


Versatile, intelligent, flexible: System enters the home and the office to meet the needs of personalities, inclinations and lifestyles of those who live there. With the wide variety and superior quality of its finishes, System is the ideal solution to plan custom furnishing projects, since it can be intelligently adapted to create highly diverse settings: classic, sophisticated, informal, or elegantly traditional. Multifunctional and eclectic due to the many functions it provides, System can be used as a bookcase, a module for electronic media, a study area, or even as an element to subdivide rooms and create equipped walls. Inspired by the precision and flexible project features of fine contemporary design, System has a strong and balanced personality defining room areas in a definitive way, while improving their efficiency and appearance.

System - Multifunctional 01, 02
The System eucalyptus bookcase is a bold architectural presence that, designed from floor to ceiling, is suitable for different uses. A base unit with drawers is surmounted by a big shelf that can be used to sit, put the TV set, place a picture or various objects thanks to the very large Frame Grande Luce module upholstered in écru linen fabric, that offers a space for life. The equipped wall continues upwards, with a first series of lighted glass units and 5 additional shelves to store one’s own collection of books and objects.

System - Multifunctional 03, 04
To enhance the architecture of the space is a System equipped wall solution, a large yet light composition
thanks to a succession of full and empty spaces, wood and refined metal finishes. The glass cabinet with burnished brass Iron doors and glass shelves with led lights offers a larger space inside thanks to the upright on the front that replaces the wooden side panel. The soft textile back panel and the bookend boxes with an iron finishing complete this masculine and rigorous solution.

System - Multifunctional 05, 06
The matt blu denim lacquered Lift vertical sliding doors customise the System equipped wall interrupting its total look in barrique oak, the veneer with neutral warm grey tones. When opened, they reveal two large modules with a backdrop of the same colour, which can be used as a tv-base or a storage compartment.

System - Interparete 01
On the left, a teak floor-to-ceiling System composition creates an architectural backdrop for the office space – in a fun random arrangement featuring areas without a back panel.

System - Interparete 02
The scenographic System bookshelf runs full-length from the floor to the ceiling, placing all bets on the strong tactile impact of its finishing here presentated in teak, a warm wooden essence that varies from pale yellow to bronze with hints of red; it is also available in all the essences of Porro wooden selection.