Storage wardrobe system, designed by P. Lissoni + CRS Porro


As the epitome of Porro’s customisation abilities, Storage system of wadrobes and walk-in closets experiments this year with an unprecedented freedom of combination. The finishes of the frame and metal parts, until now strictly tone-on-tone, are mixed: extra-light surfaces are juxtaposed with dark metal elements with unpredictable results, without fear of daring and lighting up the atmosphere with an interplay of surprising contrasts.
In the Storage Hinged wardrobe, the minimal Iron door, characterised by a thick metal profile with an architectural design enclosing a minimalist glass surface, is now turned into the new Portrait door, with the possibility of adding a solid panel in a variety of finishes, such as straw, fabric, leather, wood, thus experimenting with a new visual richness.
Lastly, the embedded lighting characterizing the Dressing Room and Hinged Wardrobe, is now also available for the Boiserie and Walk-in Closet thanks to the electrified pole: light thus becomes the new key component of Storage as well as the common feature of the different designs.

Storage Hinged wardrobes with white ash doors

The airy and regular pace of the Storage gives rhythm to the space, inviting you to linger over the tactile and visual details of the surfaces of the Porro collection – the result of the brand’s continuous research into new finishes.
An off-white shade, which reveals the light grain pattern, characterises the new white ash wooden essence, here used both for the doors and the backs combined with transparent enlightened shelves,leading to projects with a clear, graphic design devoted to rigour and contemplation, or rather to delicate interiors marked by spatial harmony and free of redundancies.

Dimensions: L. 3626 x H. 2590 x D. 620 mm.

Storage Hinged wardrobe with iron transparent doors and white ash interiors

The Storage Hinged wardrobe features transparent glass Iron doors, with iron frame, displaying the white ash structure matched with the black painted metal uprights: refined black & white colour patterns highlighted by the lighted transparent shelves.

Dimensions: L. 6026 x H. 2590 x D. 631 mm.

Storage Boiserie with integrated light

Beyond to the Glide Samurai sliding partitions, a sophisticated secret space draws inspiration from the East, with walls covered by the new Layer pannelling system, design CRS Porro, covered in a black & white fabric that reminds of Japanese design. Here the Storage Boiserie designed by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro chooses shelves and drawer units in black sugi with glass fronts, emerging as architectural volumes from the fabric-covered back panels, also thanks to the new embedded lighting.

Dimensions: L. 6000 x H. 2680 x D. 608 mm.

Storage dressing Room with Portrait doors

The Storage corner wardrobe features transparent compartments, completely open or enclosed by glass doors, alongside spaces closed by the new Portrait doors in fabric.
A cuvée finish is chosen for the frame and metal parts in the new thinner 25x25 mm profile, which helps to make the composition lighter and allows to mix and match the different types.
Storage back panels and fittings are in white cherry, one of the fine textures available for Porro wardrobe interiors, selected and manufactured exclusively for the brand by combining strength and high aesthetic values.
The two stand-alone Acquario drawer units by Piero Lissoni, also with cuvée frame, glass shelves and white cherry base and drawers, complete the space in a harmonious whole.

Dimensions: L. 5086 x H. 2675 x D. 3969 mm. Open module L. 2426 x H. 2675 x D. 590 mm.

Storage walk-in closet with embedded lighting

Beyond to the Glide Miru sliding partitions with transparent glass and cuvée frame and the Glide Samurai ones in black straw and cuvée frame, the niche – also covered with Layer pannelling system in black straw – the Storage Walk-in Closet with cuvée uprights and white cherry fittings shows the new embedded lighting. The design dares bold chiaroscuro combinations, that change the rules in the name of free experimentation.

Dimensions: L. 5026 x H. 2590 x D. 590 mm.

Storage Dressing Room structure in eucalyptus23, Storage Isola drawer unit

In the large Storage Dressing room, accessible through Glide Shanghai sliding partitions featuring heat treated oak slats and a rosso cina frame, the new eucalipto23 melamine finish appears, an intense finish softened by delicate nuances.
Transparent glass modules are placed alongside others with eucalyptus23 back panels and transparent glass Iron doors: the metal parts come in the Moka finish, characterized by warm tones. Porro’s technical expertise is behind the wireless lighting system, where power is transmitted through electrified bars embedded in the frame and hidden from view.
At the centre is the new stand-alone Storage Isola drawer unit, which incorporates the unique standard equipment of Storage night system and matches it in an infinite range of options: with a screen-printed glass top, an open compartment, the drawer unit on the front. It’s a new multifunctional container, designed to complete the dressing room at home and in sophisticated contract settings.

Dimensions: L. 7834 x H. 2590 x D. 5442 mm. Storage Isola: L. 2311 x H. 787 x D. 1016 mm.

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