Porro @ Soulstory Mumbai


Porro renews its presence in India by launching the new collaboration with "Soulstory", the innovative furniture store with the purpose of representing the individuality and unique story of each of its partner brands, by offering exceptional products fulfilling the desires, preferences and specific needs of every individual customer.

Characterized by the architectural vision, the fascination for the spirit of the place, the pictorial sensitivity for the material and the color and the perfection of the details, from July 25th Porro's sartorial design will be the protagonist inside the new store in Mumbai, to then arrive in autumn in the store due to open in Calcutta.

“Founded in 1925 in Brianza, North of Italy, with its roots firmly planted in its own territory, Porro has already had at the same time a strong international vocation, with eyes and ideas beyond the borders” – reveals Maria Porro, fourth generation of the founding family and marketing and communication manager of the company.
“This new space in Mumbai shows the company's ability to design bespoke spaces and top-quality products anywhere in the world: we are looking forward to working in India and developing ever-changing and surprising interiors where Italian quality design blends synergistically with the ideas of the local designers and customers and a fascinating millenary culture of the home and living”.

Porro's logo, designed in 1966 by Italian design master Bruno Munari, is the graphic element that identifies the area dedicated to the brand inside the multi-brand store, which fluidly alternates display areas with common spaces set up with sculptures and paintings, such as an art gallery, overlooking the bustling city below.

In the waiting room at the entrance, the visitor is welcomed by the Kite armchair by GamFratesi in orange fabric, with its plastic fan shape. Wide and compact volume, Kite reveals to a careful eye its refined details: calibrated thicknesses,
accurate proportions and the elegant curvature of the tubular structure that surrounds the internal padding, a sort of coat with a raised collar of haute couture spirit.
Suitable for storing dishes and serving as a sophisticated bar cabinet, the Gallery Low Cupboard by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti with a Calacatta Oro marble top is a clean, rational architectural volume closed by a single, vertically sliding door in black stained ash, which slides downwards to reveal sabbia lacquered interiors with a mirrored back panel.

A dining room with a strong character features the Metallico table by Piero Lissoni, characterized by the lightness of the top and legs, made from 12mm-thick solid aluminum, and by the particular burnished brass finishing, obtained by a catalysed high thickness painting and by following stages of polishing and waxing by hand. Next to it, are the Voyage chairs by GamFratesi with a black stained maple structure and a close-fitting dress in saddle leather, telling once again the harmonic fusion of high technology and craftmanship in Porro’s design.

Porro’s capacity of designing spaces through clear and elegant signs, that are defined by the rigour of the lines, the value of the finishes and the quality of design, are exalted by the Load-it bookcase with burnished brass shelves and wall panels in black stained canneté, featuring horizontal stripes alongside vertical ones and creating a fully-fledged boiserie system on the wall. The Modern writing top in black stained ash transforms it into a functional home-office station.

Porro completes its dynamic home design project with the new Glide sliding doors, designed by Piero Lissoni + Iaco Design Studio: large custom-made wings characterized by a metal L-shaped profile painted in black, white or cuvée, that provides a frame to various transparent and non-transparent materials. Thanks to the upper rail, the Glide doors offer different solutions to choose from or to combine together in evocative overlaps: a concept of dynamic interiors that focuses on the contamination of spaces to offer the possibility to design dressing rooms in combination with the Storage system.
Glide sliding doors in an iridescent metallic fabric, lead to the to the real core of the home, the Storage dressing room designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre, featuring fully transparent, open or closed spaces with glass doors alongside the transparent corner solution. The structure and the metal parts, like the new thinner 25x25mm profile, that contributes to making the composition look even lighter and allows to perfectly match the different types of systems, come in the cuvée finish, a sophisticated and precious colour. The Storage project has also been renewed by a new impalpable material, light, thanks to the wireless lighting system, with all technical details designed by Porro and fully embedded, electricity is transmitted inside the structure, hidden from view.
In the centre, two Offshore drawer units by Piero Lissoni are presented in panna open-pore stained ash, which, thanks to the continuity of the wood grain on all sides, creates a continuous volume interrupted only by the detail of the built-in handle: a completely metal-plated hole in Iron finish.
In the matching room, the Storage back panels and fittings are in white cherry, the new Scandinavian-inspired light finishing that mimics the cherry wood grain, softening the rosy nuance with more neutral and universal tones. It is one the 6 exclusive textures for the Storage interiors, selected and manufactured exclusively for Porro, combining resistance and high aesthetic values.

Fascinating lifestyles, special finishes, concrete emotions: Porro brings its very personal style to the bedroom as well.
A textile bed with an intimate and compact shape, the new Byron bed by Piero Lissoni consists of 3 elements: the padded bed frame slightly raised from the floor, the soft headboard cushions where you can linger reading before falling asleep, and the screen at the bottom of the bed that seems to embrace the space and protect the rest. The lines are soft, the edges rounded, with the sophisticated detail of the screen with a black-stained solid ash frame that encloses a straw weave featuring a graphic black and white houndstooth pattern, in a balance between contemporaneity and memory, concrete and abstract.
The ambiance is illuminated in a scenographic way by the Gap hanging bookcases designed by Carlo Tamborini in the precious grigio piombo metal finish: a strong aesthetic sign that acts as a book-end as well as a light source, thanks to the built-in LED lighting that runs along its perimeter.

Halfway between a walk-in closet and an open wardrobe, characterized by modular wall panels on which to hang the various equipment, Storage Boiserie designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre is new in its design thanks to the combination with the new Glide Miru doors in glass and Glide Shanghai, adding to the expressive power of transparent glass the regular pace of black slats.
Large backdrops that open up to reveal a refined secret space, where Storage Boiserie features back panels covered in grey fabric, for an impeccable masculine elegance, from which emerge as architectural volumes the lighted glass shelves, the base, the shelves and the chest of drawers with glass top in black sugi, a matt black-ink surface finish with marked grains, inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Shou Sougi Ban, which protects cedar wood by burning it with charcoal.

A Porro classic, the Pull-Out Sliding Storage wardrobe, chooses Scoop doors in avorio back-painted glass that enclose interiors in hemlock cenere, showing the mastery achieved in furnishing the space, in dosing the shapes and in ensuring maximum elegance and functionality in each project.