Porro values narrated by the digital storytelling by Sfelab: Porro for architects


Creative vitality and capability to interact, curiosity in exploring apparently different worlds sharing the same passion for quality: Porro is the ideal partner of the architectural firms in the development of their interior design projects, willing to experiment and try itself out.
On the basis of its multi-year search for finishings, technical details and manufacturing, Porro proposes solutions which enhance the peculiar features of each project, creating different atmospheres and allowing architects to add their own unique and personal touch.
The connection with the territory where the company was born and raised, world-renowned for the ability of its workers, and an extremely flexible organisation of the production activities, allow Porro to manage a high quality customization of its systems and collections following specific design requirements, up to the realization of a bespoke design product to give the desired effect to any environment.
The made-to-measure design service offered by Porro accompanies the client at every stage, from feasibility studies to the development of technical drawings, the creation of a mock-up and the product engineering process, in a creative process where the idea of the customer is shaped by the company and transformed into a finished product or an ambiance.
Handicraft tradition and advanced technology intertwine to create products which are entirely manufactured at Montesolaro factory, where this tailoring service complies with international parameters in terms of eco-sustainability and of the subsequent stages for the certification of products.