News 2024
Bench Origata, design Nao Tamura


From Japan to New York, balancing memory and innovation, archaic forms and contemporaneity. Porro’s path crosses the light step of Nao Tamura, specialised in communication and graphic design, for the new Origata bench and consolle, inspired by Japanese culture.
Monolithic in appearance, Origata is inspired by the making of kimonos, the traditional Japanese garments, where the flat and rectangular fabric is cut in straight lines and then sewn together with little to no waste: a principle taken up in the creation of the bench, made from a sheet of aluminum cut and assembled through screws, maximizing the use of the material.
A minimalist geometry and a pop object, a brutalist architecture softened by a soft cushion, Origata bench is a three-dimensional sculpture and a visual game in the name of symmetry, balance and the expressive power of colour. True combination of simple gestures and aesthetic simplification, it offers a new point of view on the Porro house.
Ideal in a waiting room, entryway or in the bedroom, in domestic ambiances or in the hospitality, the Origata consolle frames an ascetic space for work or meditation, offering a writing top for reading or working on a PC.
In its dual declination, Origata is a project that narrates the values shared by the designer and the brand: cultural identity, internationality, respect of materials, and propensity for the future.