Interview with Maria Porro on


Maria Porro, head of marketing and communication Porro, tells Laura Traldi and Interni Magazine about the new collections and takes stock of the position of her company and of consumers' feelings on the subject of sustainability.
"The very special year we've been through has forced us to rediscover the importance of the domestic space of the home and, for this reason, to reconsider the value of the quality of living spaces: quality not only of materials and surfaces, but also quality of the organization of spaces and furnishings, which can also influence the way in which we stay together and live the home: from the round table that puts everyone on the same level, to bookcases that have seats and therefore allow to sit in a circle in the living room. Since 2000 we have been producing in a factory that works completely in natural light, even in winter, and 4 years ago we completely revolutionized the way we produce by eliminating warehouse stocks, eliminating the warehouse of semi-finished products and reducing the waste of raw materials in an incredible way: sustainability has always been in our ropes and it is something in which we constantly and continuously invest. I think that this kind of attention has finally come to influence even the choices of the consumer, who needs to understand if a product is not only beautiful, but also well made: respect and sustainability are back at the center".