"A possible future: social and environmental sustainability in design”.
With Maria Porro (head of marketing and communication Porro S.p.A.), Caterina Micolano (president Alice Cooperative) and Tiziana Monterisi (founder Rice House).
Moderated by: Livia Peraldo Matton (editor in chief of Elle Decor Italia).

To discover much more on Porro’s research on sustainability, follow the talk with Maria Porro, head of marketing and communication Porro S.p.A., Caterina Micolano, president of Alice Cooperative, Tiziana Monterisi, co-founder of RiceHouse and Livia Peraldo Matton, editor in chief of Elle Decor Italia. From the factory working entirely in natural light, to the new production system with a lean approach, up to the measure of PEF, the carbon footprint of Porro panel, without forgetting special collaborations to improve, in small but determined steps, the world around us, which underline the importance of confrontation among different realities.