@ Porro Duriniquindici, via Durini 15, Milan.
From 1 December 2017 to 31 January 2018

Creative vitality and capability to interact, curiosity in exploring apparently different worlds that however share the same passion for quality: that is why Porro is today a trendsetting brand, always at the forefront, willing to experiment and to test itself.
A key ingredient of the 2017 material research as well as the latest frontier of the brand’s customisation options, the idea to introduce soft fabric parts inside the Storage wardrobes and the bookcases, turning them into actual precious chests where clothes and objects can be put: endless combinations of materials and colors for completely personal solutions, where everyone can look for their own favorite mix.
Starting from plain tones of red, blue and écru, Porro’s experience with fabric experimentation takes new decorative directions with eclectic designer Serena Confalonieri, whom the company asked to create new motifs.
Drawing inspiration from the iconic silhouettes of brand’s pieces of furniture, mixed up with lively shades and pale nuances, the designer imagines 5 fabrics which capture the essence of Porro’s design, bring it to life with a two-dimensional style and make up the sartorial settings of the brand with an unexpected vibe, creating a collection of placemats to set the Christmas table with a design touch.

Set up

In the romantic entrance, the Wood Cover custom-made paneling system showcases the new pale pink fabric characterised by sequences of Balancing Boxes coffee tables: an equipped background onto which to hook with unprecedented freedom the Boutique Mast with iron uprights and Modern black stained hemlock shelves and hanging elements.

In the dining room with an industrial and contemporary appeal, the Metallico table with black painted aluminum sheet legs and pale moon top, available in all the 17 woods of Porro collection, it is surrounded by the unimpeachable style of the Voyage chairs, with a maple structure and a leather skintight gown. As an abstract painting, the Load-It bookcase in “porfido” grey finishing is covered by a light blue fabric, where the tables Ellipse Table look swept by a light breeze.

In the bedroom area at the lower floor, the new Sadoru bed by Oscar and Gabriele Buratti brothers reveals a creative, ingenious project and an almost hand-crafted saddlery-like production. The Hinged Storage closet with Block glass doors enclosed by light metal frames showcases soft fabric backs where the ochre outline of System Bookcase emerges from a black base, mixing abstraction and figurativism.

In the second bedroom, a new interpretation of domestic warmth between rationality and sensuality, the Makura textile bed is presented in white fabric, lightly suspended with its welcoming and inviting form that ends in a light volute, balanced by the System bookcase in Canaletto walnut with 6 hinged crystal doors, which allow ecrù fabric backdrops to be half-seen. The Hinged Storage wardrobe is exhibited in an airy, precious version with crystal sides, see-through burnished brass Iron crystal doors and transparent enlightened shelves making the interiors covered with a refined and poetic green fabric decorated with Gentle chairs visible.

In the corridor, the niches in the wall host 3 Hinged Storage wardrobes closed by 32S doors with Clip burnished brass handles and by Riff doors: large surfaces that reveal a surprise while opening: interiors covered with a fabric characterized by a pattern of grey shades where the opposites of geometric and romantic mix themselves.