A new point of view for Porro’s 2022 advertising image


Transparency, flexibility, lightness and sustainable thinking: Porro unveils its new 2022 advertising image, a house surrounded by nature designed by Piero Lissoni – art director of the brand since 1989.

The Milanese architect imagines a transparent refuge surrounded by Nature where Storage wardrobes, design Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre, define a new space architecture in combination with Glide sliding doors, design Piero Lissoni + Iaco Design Studio. In the middle, the Traveller daybed by GamFratesi offers a privileged view of the world in the name of sophisticated comfort. Under it, one of the rugs from the Enigmi series by Elisa Ossino, showing the pure shapes and refined workmanship of Porro’s collections.

“I simply combined the idea of architecture with the idea of design. Environment, scale and proportions are interchanged, what is inside interferes with what is outside and vice versa”, explains Piero Lissoni about the different viewpoint on Porro’s project. By dematerialising the traditional boundaries between inside and outside and architecture and furniture, they both become perfectly integrated, communicating in a new harmonious symbiosis.

Thanks to the new cutting-edge production plant, that since 2018 has been working the panels just-in-time on the basis of each individual project, Porro systems are tailored like a suit to the interior that will host them, reflecting the personal and unique desires of its inhabitants and minimising the consumption of materials, with a view to maximum quality, customisation and care for the environment. Functional architectural volumes that do not furnish the space but rather create it, offering an endless number of styles and possibilities.

Project: Piero Lissoni
Ad: Lissoni Graph.x
Styling: Elisa Ossino Studio