#PORROWORLD – Movie star

Follow the stories set in the most beautiful Porro interiors, such as the new Baobab restaurant in Valencia, whose sophisticated space with a retro, sparkling and cosmopolitan atmosphere, takes us back to the classic movies that have marked the history.
The project, by the architects Sergio Adelantado and Sara López Blanco, is characterized by the central bar surrounding the open kitchen, with large windows equipped with cushions for a drink overlooking the street front: to transform a date into a “Casablanca” movie scene, between romanticism and spy story.
Black is the dominant colour in the dining room, embellished with powder-colored velvet drapes and a light wood floor, which project the customers into a magical world, like that of “Swing Time”, the irresistible musical with the legendary dancing duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
The Join tables by Decoma Design with top in the different marbles and the Draped Chair chairs by Front, supplied by Porro with black-stained ash structure and green or gray upholstery, offers a soft ambiance where to have a pleasant breakfast, like in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”: there are no jewels, but the renowned market cuisine of chefs Raùl Aleixandre and Luis Pellicer de Castellvì.跟随最美丽的Porro内饰中的故事,例如瓦伦西亚新的Baobab餐厅,其精致的空间具有复古,波光粼粼和国际化的氛围,使我们回到了标志着历史的经典电影中。该项目由建筑师塞尔吉奥·阿德兰塔多(Sergio Adelantado)和萨拉·洛佩兹·布兰科(SaraLópezBlanco)共同设计,其特点是围绕开放式厨房的中央吧台,大窗户装有靠垫,可俯瞰街道,并能喝点饮料:将约会转变成“卡萨布兰卡”电影场景,在浪漫主义和间谍故事之间。黑色是餐厅的主要色彩,点缀着粉红色的天鹅绒窗帘和浅色木地板,将顾客带入了一个魔幻的世界,如“ Swing Time”这样的音乐世界,它与传奇的舞蹈二重奏弗雷德·阿斯特尔(Fred Astaire)势不可挡和姜·罗杰斯(Ginger Rogers)。由Poroma提供的Decoma Design的Join table(顶部用不同的大理石装饰)和Front的Draped Chair椅子(黑色污渍的灰烬结构和绿色或灰色的内饰)提供了舒适的氛围,您可以在其中享用愉快的早餐,例如“ Breakfast”在蒂芙尼(Tiffany's):没有珠宝,但是厨师RaùlAleixandre和Luis Pellicer deCastellvì著名的市场美食。