Porro - Nicola Gallizia

Nicola Gallizia

Warm, smooth, functional, minimal yet sophisticated are the keywords that best depict Nicola’s vision of the world of interior design. Mostly, he gets his inspirations from the Milanese style as it is part of his roots, upbringing and identity. In fact, although Nicola loves geometric shapes, simple angles and linear compositions, he focuses on the richness of the materials in order to give a strong identity to his works.
His favorite color palette ranges between neutral colors (shades of brown, brass, grey, earth colors), despite this however he has always shown a clear passion to play with hues, mainly as a way to emphasise his concept. 
His works are conspicuous in the world of design, namely the interiors of many luxury hotels, where his attention to the details and the story-telling behind each project is so unique that makes his works stand out from the crowd.

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